Congressman Adam Kinzinger: Country First | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

12 feb. 2021
603 603 Weergaven

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) joins Bill to discuss his vote to impeach former President Trump and hope to save the Republican Party through his "Country First Movement."
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  • How does one take bill Maher seriously?

    PsychedoutpandaPsychedoutpandaDag geleden
  • I really admire congressman Kissinger and support what he's trying to do even though I am a Democrat! We need people like him that are for Country over party!

    Sandra LybrandSandra Lybrand2 dagen geleden
  • Bill needs 2 put his anti- faith bias aside. He zeroed in on the "devil" comment, Which was a side remark. A.K. said he was at his parent's. If Bill had anti-parents bias he would've tried 2 take a swipe at that. Letter was certified. What if he had anti-USPS bias? Would he have gotten in a dig.? Bill goes down 2 many sidetracks. I happen 2 value his brilliance & love his calling out the "we're all in this 2gether" malarkey. But he interjects insults about believers 2 often. I wish he'd stay in his lane.."politically incorrect". The only time he has objectivity 2 mention religion is where it touches politics,: i.e. separation of church & state,etc.

    Marisa WalkerMarisa Walker2 dagen geleden
  • This Congress man should run, the USA needs a person which delivers hope, truth and change for the better instead of buying into peoples fear.. Go Adam Kinzinger.

    RootytoottootRootytoottoot2 dagen geleden
  • 2 party system and he’s in the worst

    BrawnerBandWidth MusicBrawnerBandWidth Music2 dagen geleden
  • Does this man want Medicare for all?

    BrawnerBandWidth MusicBrawnerBandWidth Music2 dagen geleden
  • Lol kinzinger is a fool. Hes on his way out and he knows it. That's why hes trying to trash trump on the way out. Too late

    New Yardley SinclairNew Yardley Sinclair3 dagen geleden
  • Representative Kinzinger has my respect because he’s a smart Conservative and he’s 💯 times better looking than coward Hawley. He knows one should put country before party and never side a cult leader who enabled an insurrection against the country. Good that he speaks the truth. I truly wish him success.

    Katy TobyKaty Toby3 dagen geleden
  • God bless him for his efforts, integrity and putting his country over party. If only more politicians could be like this.

    Priscila PeterlePriscila Peterle3 dagen geleden
  • How many of you cheering him on would vote for him over a Democrat opponent? If not, your opinion of him doesn't really matter does it?

    Sthunderrocker's VidsSthunderrocker's Vids4 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher is an asshole for that comment he made about the devil!.. That was B.S.

    Ryan WilliamsRyan Williams4 dagen geleden
  • The small number of Repubs who truly believe like him are sitting back . . . waiting . . . for what? There's a few power groups like the Lincoln Project that could help them fight back and save the GOP and make the tRumpublicans form their own party . . . . but . . . no . . . they're waiting . . . . ? ? ? His congressional ethics remind me of a few others who really don't care if they keep the job - - they're gonna do what's right . . . like Elizabeth Warren and Katy Porter are 2 that pop to mind.

    Tthom2Tthom24 dagen geleden
  • whoa i like this guy

    AlcoholicDysonSphereAlcoholicDysonSphere4 dagen geleden
  • Adam Kinzinger is a RINO. Something is off about the guy. He thinks the Republicans turned up the divisive rhetoric more than the Dems 24/7 performance for 4 years? He's a RINO. Worthless.

    Mr.E.ShoppaMr.E.Shoppa4 dagen geleden

    Carly HamiltonCarly Hamilton5 dagen geleden
  • Thanks god( in which i do not believe, not even close) we have Bill Maher and some republicans that actually have a brain.

    Laurent B.Laurent B.5 dagen geleden
  • It is the Trump Party.

    H KH K5 dagen geleden
  • Can’t we just replace about 90 percent of the Republicans in Congress (both houses) with Kinzinger clones?

    dogless10dogless105 dagen geleden
  • hey, obviously the next step is to gtf out of the republikkkan party, dude. Its unsavable, face it. I say this with all sincereity.

    Gershon WolfGershon Wolf5 dagen geleden
  • If you don't try, you will definitely not make it

    phalexa Skyphalexa Sky6 dagen geleden
  • Um mês no poder e Biden já está enviando toneladas de bombas de amor, tolerância e Black Lives Matter na cabeça dos sírios. Todas coloridas com a bandeira LGBT, claro. Mais um candidato ao Nobel da Paz.

    daniel camoesdaniel camoes6 dagen geleden
  • Fear is the republicans only weapon. They say they believe in God so why do you have so much fear?

    Truth 2 PowerTruth 2 Power6 dagen geleden
  • airstrike in syria

    daniel camoesdaniel camoes6 dagen geleden
  • I am an independent>blue, but I would vote for Adam Kinzinger any time! This is what true American patriotism look like!!! My biggest admiration to you sir!

    talkingheadzzztalkingheadzzz6 dagen geleden
  • Democrats will respect his decision for about 5 minutes then go back to hating his guts when he’s no longer useful.

    michael johnsonmichael johnson6 dagen geleden
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    Michelle CitraMichelle Citra6 dagen geleden
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      Josh LoveJosh Love6 dagen geleden
  • Dems love their Republicans to be ineffective ,hapless losers who can't fight their way out of a paper bag like this guy. This Bushee wants to push over hornets nests in Iraq while making the world safe for private equity. He is more concerned with the Middle east than the middle west.

    chris brownchris brown7 dagen geleden
  • It could be accomplished by Trump going to jail for Tax and Financial fraud, here's hoping

    SteveSteve7 dagen geleden
  • It's been a mess since President Kennedy

    SteveSteve7 dagen geleden
  • I am a devout Democrat. I have voted for Democrats nearly my entire life and I'm proud of it. The few Republicans who I respect are the moderates like : General Colin Powell, John Kasich and Jon Huntsman. My father used to watch the political shows every Sunday and while I didn't agree with much conservatives said I really enjoyed the debates. I listened to guys like William F. Buckley and George Will make thought provoking intellectual points. What has happened to Republican Party? The darker the country gets, the nuttier and more hateful they get. Donald Trump didn't hijack the party. Many on the Republicans voters have been heading in this direction for some time now. They just needed the right sociopath to latch on to and Don The Con knew just how to play them like a fiddle. Bravo to Adam Kinzinger for calling "B.S" on Trump and the entire MAGA movement. Trump will be forever tied to the events of Jan 6th. One of the worst days in the history of this country.

    The Law of Divine OnenessThe Law of Divine Oneness7 dagen geleden
  • After Yeshua (Jesus) is elected president of the United States the rapture will happen. Trust in Yeshua.

    James Richard WileyJames Richard Wiley7 dagen geleden
  • Vote him out.

    Satguy 141Satguy 1417 dagen geleden
    • We already voted Trump out. He is now parking cars at Mar-a-Lago. Maybe they will let him park more cars at CPAC after his speech.

      The Law of Divine OnenessThe Law of Divine Oneness7 dagen geleden
  • Even ignoring the whole moral argument for standing up to Trump, the dude is right from an actual winning election point of view. Trump is done on a national level, he is poison. Yeah, he’s popular with hardcore Republicans but that’s 30-35% of the electorate. Outside that 35% he is not only disliked he is intensely hated. Independents and moderate republicans hate him, suburban whites can’t stand him, and he lost the Republicans the house, the senate and the White House in 4 years. Republicans need to actually purge themselves of Trump if they are to win elections again.

    Adi VAdi V8 dagen geleden
  • Gosh Kyle dunnington destroyed you.

    David CDavid C8 dagen geleden
  • RCS here,, Die Hard Democrat ,, This guy gets it,, Smart Republicans should join him

    Ronnie SmithRonnie Smith8 dagen geleden
  • This guy is a real Republican. Trump destroyed our party.

    Jose DiazJose Diaz8 dagen geleden
  • Jeez even the sane ones believe in the devil...what hope do we have!

    Furry BearFurry Bear8 dagen geleden
  • Ethan Hawke?

    A PereraA Perera8 dagen geleden
  • I'm a Democrat, but I truly hope for the sake of those Republicans that didn't join "the 45 cult" that you are successful. We need to have at least two sides for it to continue to be a democracy, right? Godspeed and thank you for your service, Sir.

    Monique Francesca DCMonique Francesca DC8 dagen geleden
  • Sometimes I think Bill Maher is part of the problem when he has a Republican who is trying to convince people on his show and says he's half way to being as crazy as the people saying he's possessed by the devil because he believes in the devil. I think the reason so many religious people are willing to believe increasingly crazy shit about liberals/leftists is because they think they're against them. That's not to say all liberals and leftists are, Dr. Cornel West is a religious man and a leftist and is a greater intellectual than Maher. But Maher is a big voice

    James PusoJames Puso8 dagen geleden
  • Why try to go after him about his religion? Stupid time to try to pick a fight about religion.

    Clint ReevesClint Reeves9 dagen geleden
  • it is pretty telling of the state of the democrat party when all that bill maher can talk about is trump...

    kylekyle9 dagen geleden
  • Probably the largest problem with the republican party's voter base, which they touched on here, is that they are overwhelmingly christians and a larger majority of them truly believe that every and any republican candidate that becomes president is the second coming. They believe this with Trump, they believed it with Bush, Bush, and Reagan. However, when nothing comes of it, they simply forget about it and regurgitate the belief for the next republican. I have family members who believe this exact bullshit, and all they do is go on and on about revelations and how Trump is the anointed one. It's a degree of cognitive dissonance and blind faith that only indoctrinated idiots could possibly believe, and it's all based on fear. Fear in god, fear in not being among the chosen, fear of hell, and so on.

    M. C.M. C.9 dagen geleden
  • Disgusting.

    Braden MayewBraden Mayew9 dagen geleden
  • I get it’s his schtick, but Bill inviting on one of the rare actually decent Republican politicians and then bashing his Christian beliefs was underhanded and not remotely helpful.

    jaquen1977jaquen197710 dagen geleden
  • Well he had me until he showed he’s as brainwashed as other people who think sky fairies and their enemies are real. 😂🇨🇦

    L. FaradayL. Faraday10 dagen geleden
  • Adam is a true Patriot, unlike the spineless, GOP cowards, and his own family, who demean him and stil support Trump. I salute his military service and applaud his courage to put his job on the line to place country before party.

    Daulton West, Jr.Daulton West, Jr.10 dagen geleden
  • It is important to hear more Republican voices like him. Every time I turn on CNN, The Daily Show, etc. I get the sense that the whole Republican Party has become a party of insane people. People need to be reminded that Trumpism is not conservatism. The Republican Party today is ruled by authoritarians and truly intellectual conservatives need to take their party back and reinstate a sense of sanity.

    Robert FechRobert Fech10 dagen geleden
  • He is really sexy.

    Mike DespositoMike Desposito10 dagen geleden
  • Is he running as a Democrat? Because he’s lost all support from republicans. He’s goes on cnn, msnbc, bill maher.. but what right leaning shows has he been on? only reason why you liberals like him is because he’s bashing republicans, something Democrats don’t do among themselves..

    Franc camajFranc camaj10 dagen geleden
  • He gives all these convincing platitudes and then complies to believing in the devil. This is the best we have to we have to compromise with?

    Eric GEric G10 dagen geleden
  • Thanks Lieutenant Colonel Kinzinger, Captain McCain.

    Matthew ScopeliteMatthew Scopelite11 dagen geleden
  • Kinsinger's family are the ones in the arms of devil tRump!!!!!!

    Alegria AtencioAlegria Atencio11 dagen geleden
  • Guys your enemies enemy IS NOT your friend! Just because he dislikes Trump does not make him trustworthy and reliable ally! NO bipartisanship and Dems should actually fight for something but not really hopeful of Biden tbh

    Giorgi SikharulidzeGiorgi Sikharulidze11 dagen geleden
  • He agrees with me , so he is a good republican. 😂 the comments here. 😂

    Student of godStudent of god11 dagen geleden
  • LOl rEliGiOn -biLl MaHeR

    Chris sandovalChris sandoval11 dagen geleden
  • I wish some politician would plainly answer Bill's central question - What is the point of fighting so hard for the job if your only goal is to kiss Trump's a$$? Many Republicans know that Trump has no agenda other than to serve himself and they are perfectly fine with that. They fear being voted out of office because that will mean they can't publicly make fools of themselves to suck up to Trump. I'll never get it.

    PaperBoyPaperBoy11 dagen geleden
  • What a snake lol I love Bill Maher tho

    bxxx9bxxx911 dagen geleden
  • Greatest country in the world. Oh come on, grow up.

    Maria CollsMaria Colls11 dagen geleden
  • traitor

    PROLYFGUYPROLYFGUY11 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher, if you don't believe that there is SATAN, who is the DEVIL, the prince of darkness, and thinks that people who do are brainwashed and stupid, that is an opinion that you have a right to. But that don't make you right. When your day come, hopefully, you will be able to justify your position with Jehovah. I admire you Bill, but acknowledging the God of creation is a choice for eternal bliss. You need to stop dis-ing God.

    Andrew LewisAndrew Lewis11 dagen geleden
  • Idolising a politician the same as believing a stripper really likes you

    Dennis ConwayDennis Conway11 dagen geleden
  • I’m a Democrat and there used to be Republicans I respected.

    Patricia MalonePatricia Malone11 dagen geleden
  • Somebody needed to step up and say NO, I'm not going to worship that one term twice impeached loser that has grifted his way through life, never being held to account for his personal behavior or his shitty business acumen. This Illinois born Democrat is proud that he's from Illinois.

    Aj OBryantAj OBryant12 dagen geleden
  • Excellent a normal congressman from the Republicans.

    angela herrera estebanangela herrera esteban12 dagen geleden
  • I've also wondered what was so great about the jobs in Congress that people were willing to sell their souls.

    S BS B12 dagen geleden
  • Wow. This is a very intelligent and spiritually insightful man. I also am a Christian and I believe that the devil exists. Rep. Kinzinger is speaking truth and I am finally glad to see someone who calls evil evil and good good and is courageous enough to do so. I honestly had given up on the Republican Party because it is the most corrupt group ever and now I see there is some light in there.

    S BS B12 dagen geleden
  • Bill can be so obnoxious at times. He's talked about trying to be better and treating people with opposing views with respect, and yet he still cant resist making fun of the fact that Rep. Kinzinger is a man of faith, which also had nothing to do with why he was there. Try harder, Bill.

    David FoutsDavid Fouts12 dagen geleden
  • Adam didn't get the memo 80% of Republicans are done with Rhinos.

    Mike MillerMike Miller12 dagen geleden
  • The nifty pamphlet methodologically claim because stepdaughter immunohistochemically compare outside a mammoth chicory. icky, illustrious tadpole

    Rosia CicalaRosia Cicala12 dagen geleden
  • Bill has a lot of audience.

    Bille osmanBille osman12 dagen geleden
  • i really would like to believe Kinzinger is the future of the Republican party... sadly, he probably isn't. But it would be good if he was

    Michael CurtisMichael Curtis12 dagen geleden
  • Look you are NOT the greatest country in the world.

    John CeeJohn Cee12 dagen geleden
  • Believing devil is the same as believe in God. I do but Bill does not. I like Mr. Kinzinger who believes in Devil because there is. There is God as well. Bill does not think so but without God, my painting does not finish. Just as that. Bill could not paint I assure you nor make music.

    Kazuyo LeueKazuyo Leue12 dagen geleden
  • You are rare in the Republican Party. Please stay that way.

    Howard MetcalfeHoward Metcalfe12 dagen geleden
  • I am glad he voted to convict, but I am not cutting him slack over the fact that he just decided to stay silent on so many horrible things committed over the duration of 4 years during the trump presidency, so please do your job and serve the American people like you were hired to do, people please be vigilant and demand that and other representatives stop playing with our lives, we are not going to be fooled by just words and flowery language so please stop clapping people, we want actions that change all our lives for the better, not just a select few who own a obscene amount of wealth.

    Shelby TanaseShelby Tanase12 dagen geleden
  • The ReTrumplicans are so cheap and weak without no spine that they have lost their minds and have turned Donald Trump that does not have a resume to a god they now worship. This is so disgraceful and a big rubbish and as a matter of fact that is why I don't like the Republicans, you can imagine them voting not to convict Donald Trump for all the crimes that he committed. Most definitely they are petting a snake and I know for sure that the same snake they are petting will turn round to bite them, that is for sure.

    ABIBODABIBOD12 dagen geleden
  • Bill I like your show because of your openness and you are fearless, but you commented on how the Chinese can build a town in a short period of time, but I don't think that it was a great feat of power, I wouldn't want to live there, would you, OH it is only for the less fortunate. That is not the free world American way. They recognized they created a problem and tried to correct it. A Way different way of living. On your Solar System, you are building a Power Structure that is not your average solar panel installation. I don't know how much power you are planning to generate but I have solar since 2017 and I didn't have the problems you are having, and didn't need a Shack. The contractors might be a problem.

    PeterPeter12 dagen geleden
  • He believes in the Devil. So does Australias Prime minister. Incredible.

    Simeon OriveSimeon Orive13 dagen geleden
  • Country First!

    tamara8088tamara808813 dagen geleden
  • So cool, Adam is broadcasting from my town here in Ottawa

    Adam GilbertAdam Gilbert13 dagen geleden
  • There was a evil that told these people to storm the capital he’s name is Trump!

    Xelsancho3 fukuXelsancho3 fuku13 dagen geleden
  • DEVIL = MAN'S EGO! Once you get that understood - things begin to make better sense..

    R.H. LOVER.H. LOVE13 dagen geleden
  • Damn... one of the good ones and he’s exiled

    Levi DudleyLevi Dudley13 dagen geleden
  • Americas politicians RIDE WITH THE TIDE- it's all a question of what's in it for them - It's like a RAT RACE - I don't trust anything that is being said becz American politics is a bubbling dour of pickenery & FARCICAL- If a FAKE WAR has to be concocted tmrw based on HUMUNGUS lies ,it will happen- If Trump should fight for another term,this guy will change his tune - it's all about the "" spur of the moment decisions"" & it's got NOTHING to do with democracy or Morality - but what's in it for them- who gets to fill their pockets the most - But then again ,American citizens can easily be taken for a ride becz they are so prone to instant manipulation - at least MOST of them

    M ModackM Modack13 dagen geleden
  • Republicans classic does not work. They are losers. McCann and Romney are Republican classic and they lost! Badly!

    Thomas MThomas M13 dagen geleden
  • He doesn’t have enough corruption money. He’s not reclaiming shit, just like an impeachment

    Michael PhillipsMichael Phillips13 dagen geleden
  • I was surprised to hear a Republican voice most of the same thoughts and concerns I’ve had about Republicans. No wonder he’s been ostracized by that crazy party. Although Bill barely touched on it, is it any wonder that these religious nut cases have gone full cultist crazy?

    R CR C13 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for your kindly vote we owe you

    Yolanda GarzaYolanda Garza13 dagen geleden
  • Thank you! Mr. Kinzinger

    Yolanda GarzaYolanda Garza13 dagen geleden
  • Amen 🙏

    Yolanda GarzaYolanda Garza13 dagen geleden
  • I think Bill Maher should run for president I would vote for him.

    David D.David D.13 dagen geleden
  • This man appears to have a sense of integrity and patriotism. He won't last long in the GOP.

    Darren EngelsDarren Engels13 dagen geleden
  • I dig this guy! He's got some leadership skills You watch him.. in 10 years... He ain't going away

    genie michellegenie michelle14 dagen geleden
  • This young man is strong.That I would say he should run for president . loves his Country. Amerucans this is a LEADER. WELL DONE ADAM

    Eileen CreminEileen Cremin14 dagen geleden
  • Adam keep speaking up, we need more people like you who just want to serve this country not their parties or ego.

    Gaz NYGaz NY14 dagen geleden
  • I am a life-long Democrat and I most likely do not agree with most of your positions. But I feel what you just done is very important to the health of our Democracy. The great damage Trump has done is to take away our trust in each other. It is going to be hard to recover from Trump.

    Eric BauerEric Bauer14 dagen geleden
  • January 6/21 was a trial run. Trump and QANON both crazy

    Mike CurrieMike Currie14 dagen geleden
  • Fake christianity will not fix your problems but divine Intervention will. and all manmade solutions never will work and to dismiss fallen angels as fake is naive bill

    jelle martinijelle martini14 dagen geleden