Heather Heying & Bret Weinstein: The Lab Hypothesis | Real Time (HBO)

29 jan. 2021
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Evolutionary biologists Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein join Bill Maher to discuss the nature and possible origins of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
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  • The left really like’s to pretend and imagine !

    Patrick The PlumberPatrick The Plumber17 minuten geleden
  • Orange 🍊 Man 👨 syndrome prevented scientific rigor. Well done 👍

    Denali 96Denali 9641 minuut geleden
  • i have no respect for any human being who dismisses any idea as a conspiracy theory. seems to be the easiest and most accepted way to squash ideas in our culture

    John SmithJohn Smith2 uur geleden
  • Strange virus out of Wuhan China that had a lab near to the so called ground zero wet market. The virus has properties most don't. The US military was aware of it in Novermber 2019. What are the odds this a bio-weapon ? Pretty high. IMO

    Todd LavigneTodd Lavigne3 uur geleden
  • So I guess in a year from now, we'll be back here talking about how the election was stolen? lol

    CanadianLoveKnotCanadianLoveKnot4 uur geleden
  • Are humans just myopic or narcissistic?

    Grant MGrant M4 uur geleden
  • Interview Dr Judy Mikovitz. She has been banned by youtube. She spoke about this a year ago

    Busha BushaBusha Busha5 uur geleden
  • The CCP worries me because they controlled their population through edict rather than through the liberation of women (which always lowers birth rates). Would they weaponize a virus to control population? I'm really hoping they're not that awful. : /

    ApplebladeAppleblade5 uur geleden
  • Bill Mahr was a main contributor to the politicization of everything, b/c TDS. The only reason that makes any sense, for so many Countries to lock down for months, destroying their economies, would be the World Leaders knew from the beginning that the virus was manipulated, & they feared it. Also, they didn’t want Trump to tell the us, so everything he said, had to be discredited as conspiracy nonsense. Who thinks Fauci has been honest about it? I don’t.

    Think what We have to lose.Think what We have to lose.5 uur geleden
  • They know it got out of the lab. The reason they wont admit it is because then they would be LIABLE.

  • Polybasic insertion that gives it a fully functional Furin cleavage site !!! Was 100% in a lab !!!!

    Trent PetersenTrent Petersen6 uur geleden
  • Wow. Amazed I never saw this

    Mitchell O'NeillMitchell O'Neill7 uur geleden
  • The LEFT was wrong about covid and Bill Maher is more Conservative than he believes or knows. ..all that is needed is a nudge toward the red pill, basically to continue to see more stupid woke Left cancel culture type stuff which will truly open his eyes. .. This week was the cancelation of Dr. Seuss and I am hoping that this will be the straw that makes Maher take the red pill and he discovers he's been living in the political Matrix all this time... Once you have this awareness, you can never go back.

    Bryan ABryan A7 uur geleden
  • Great interview. I wish they took more people like them into the show.

    JamememesJamememes9 uur geleden
  • wow , even the libs are coming around now

    Marc NooneMarc Noone9 uur geleden
  • wow what i said from day one, someone needs to pay for this mass destruction

    Debbie KimbelDebbie Kimbel9 uur geleden
  • Who would care about it. If it originated in a lab or naturally.. doesn't change ANYTHING about how to deal with this pandemic. The only reason people entertain bullshit like that is because they want to blame someone. But guess what.. even if that virus originated in a lab.. if could just as well have been a lab in the US or any other country. This would still not create any guilt or responsibility. And sure as fuck no obligation to pay for damages. Because the damage was not caused by that lab but people in each country being too lazy about spreading the virus. There is zero reason to ask yourself if that virus comes out of a lab or not. It's here, WE are to blame for the damage it caused and there is nobody you can blame. Just like you can't blame someone for a flood.

    EarlGreyEarlGrey10 uur geleden
  • My gut reaction is how sad this had to be on a comedy show and not in serious discussion on shows that were supposed to tell us news and enlighten people. Instead the politics that brings in clicks is more important than hard science. What a wasted opportunity. Putting clicks and having facts not be important is such a waste. A medium that could teach, enlighten and raise all of us becoming a manipulation tool of both sides is also a tragic outcome. Once I can predict what take on any subject the source will take I stop listening. I found it so sad I learned more listening to an outside country's medium looking towards us than I could get from inside media sources. Facts should matter most and be taught in school.

    L. Peyton AdamsL. Peyton Adams10 uur geleden
  • Bill - with all due respect (love ya), but flu vaccines are targeted at what's developing in China this year, and is expected to come to (US), not based on last year's flu. And I never heard that they're only 10% effective. If you ever had a really bad flu, you'd get the vaccine.

    jaimejaimejaimejaime11 uur geleden
  • Things demonized as conspiracy theory can turn out to be true? Shocking!

    RhiannonRhiannon13 uur geleden
  • Bill won back my heart after being a douchebag for 4 years

    ME MME M15 uur geleden
  • I find Bret to be a much better speaker than Eric.

    TheGuitarded1TheGuitarded118 uur geleden
  • For the record, just want to say that I'm liking this video not because I've been ~convinced~ that it happened in a lab, but because this type of discussion is one that should be had, and should have been *allowed to be had,* much earlier, without politics interfering.

    TheFirstHurrahTheFirstHurrah19 uur geleden
  • Bret was saying this on Joe Rogan in the summer of 2020.

    Kyle DevineKyle DevineDag geleden
  • Dr Fauci as Director of the NIAID funded over 7 million dollars to the Wuhan Lab in question. That right there is incentive to keep this hypothesis quiet or label it crazy. Imagine everyone's hero, Dr Fauci, being connected to a lab that created a virus which has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    Nick23at63 NickNick23at63 NickDag geleden
  • There is a segment of human AIDS virus in Covid. How in hell did it get there? Were people having sex with bats? Come on. It was gain-of-function research (making a virus worse), which was financed in Wuhan by Dr. Fauci.

    Jim MooneyJim MooneyDag geleden
  • How is it relevant that the virus "only" spreads indoors if the virus evolved in bats or pangolins? Also, they completely miss Bill's point when he talks about the virus acquiring more deadly mutations ; instead of explaining why the virus is becoming deadlier, they "explain" why it was deadly to begin with. The real answer to Bill's question is that, while with everything else being equal, a less deadly virus is more contagious, a virus also becomes more contagious with higher viral load, which usually results in higher mortality.

    William LowryWilliam LowryDag geleden
  • Bill is a republican

    Cry for me TrumpersCry for me TrumpersDag geleden
  • America's stupidity and China's ability to take advantage of it is going to destroy humanity by accident, great...... Thanks, close the border I say.

    made bymonkeysmade bymonkeysDag geleden
  • We can't talk about this. China has a huge, and growing consumer market.

    ChristopherChristopherDag geleden
  • A level 4 biosafety lab is what, 2 miles from that supposed epicenter, the wet market? A lab where virologists are studying bat coronaviruses... reports that the first infections happened a lot earlier than December. There are people who trust the Chinese communist party to not be lying about their numbers when it comes to number of infected and dead. I'm supposed to believe that America leads the world in infections and deaths when the virus broke out in China's 9th largest city of more than 11 million people (larger than New York City btw)....whatever was going on there in December and January scared the authorities so much that leaked videos showed them welding people into their apartments, constructing temporary hospitals at breakneck speed with bars on the windows, dead people laying in the street, crying and distressed people being taken from sidewalks and carted off into windowless vans, paranoid pet owners yeeting their pets out of windows because they were scared of catching the virus from them, whistleblowers disappearing or mysteriously dying, supposedly from the virus which we know that means they were silenced by their communist government, Chinese scientists kicked out of Canadian labs for supposed spying, cellphone data showing that tens of thousands of accounts disappeared in that time, reports of crematoriums running day and night and long queues of people waiting to pick up family members' ashes. Then the WHOs role in this, basically gargling China's semen. I think the virus either escaped accidentally because someone was careless or it was purposefully set free. TL;DR: Only a fool would take the numbers reported by the Chinese Communist Party at face value. It defies logic for only ~4k people dead in the epicenter: China's 9th largest city w/a 11+mil pop. Leaked vids show corpses on the street, long queues at crematoriums and thousands of cellphone accounts missing. Whistleblowers were silenced: dead/disappeared. The World Economic Forum conveniently ran a pandemic simulation called Event 201 in Oct '19 & all these globalist organizations (UN, WHO, GAVI), in cahoots with _computer software_ guru Bill Gates (who, may I remind you, is not a medical professional in any capacity), are pushing Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, ID2020, government mask mandate, vaccines, a sudden national coin shortage & are brainwashing the public to accept it as "the new normal.

    darkprince56darkprince56Dag geleden
  • It's like 99% a Wuhan Lab leak because if it didn't, China would welcome any Independent or W.H.O. investigations right away just to put the story to rest ASAP. It's not complicated at all LOL.

    Hulk DMHulk DMDag geleden
  • Sometimes conspiracies end up true.

    Jonathan BrottoJonathan Brotto2 dagen geleden
  • .

    Annonforgmail BlankAnnonforgmail Blank2 dagen geleden
  • I have been listening to God's messages for years. He is saying the virus was " hatched from the depths of Hell by those who wish to curb population...."

    Helenamaria UKHelenamaria UK2 dagen geleden
  • Nope to everything. nlworld.info/key/video/qZ6im8-xi4Jod4Q

    RichRich2 dagen geleden
  • last week I put the lab hypothesis to a doctor and he immediately shut me down by calling me a conspiracy theorist. What kind of Orwellian nightmare is this?

    ridetube66ridetube662 dagen geleden
  • It is likely that the virus escaped from a lab but it is unlikely that it was a human-made virus. There is a big difference.

    Miguel Gutierrez-RodarteMiguel Gutierrez-Rodarte2 dagen geleden
  • There is a constant theme from Weinstein and Heying that people aren't being rational and need to be.. assume they won't ever be rational. Assume that we will not educate ourselves out of this mess. Anything else is just hope. Not very positive, I know. But we can't assume people will just wake up.

    ProbabilityProbability2 dagen geleden
  • The virus didn't shut down the world, the governments response did

    Carpathian HermitCarpathian Hermit2 dagen geleden
  • Why blame the bus boy? This is shitty. Could easily be the chef, the server, hostess, dishwasher, the bartender, the owners, some other guest. Why act like the bus boy is less than? Disappointing.

    anubischickanubischick2 dagen geleden
  • I have never heard so much Bull Shit like these two idiots. If you had balls Bill, you would have had doctors on your show debating them like Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan and let them duke it out so people get different point of views. But I guess that wouldn't be "Politically Correct".

    TJTJ3 dagen geleden
  • 5:00 to 5:30 Bill missed the point. It's not that covid does lots of tricks. The point is that viruses don't gain human to human transmission without first evolving. That evolution must have occurred in another species (like pangolin but no intermediate found) or within the human population. But there's conspicuously zero evidence of any prior evolution. Only a lab leak explains the lack of public evidence.

    Veg AhimsaVeg Ahimsa3 dagen geleden
  • Can we stop assuming "conspiracy theory" equals "loony". Conspiracies happen. Hypotheses are reasoned guesses. Theories are tested and verified hypotheses.

    Veg AhimsaVeg Ahimsa3 dagen geleden
    • @Veg Ahimsa indeed I had hoped that as well. People are being shown these things blatantly and no questioning of it at all I mean even with the wall street bets debacle. Do we literally need small concentration camps every mile and have 1 member of every household brought to them for people to start fucking questioning things. Forgive my anger its just a fucking joke, I'm not even that smart and I understand the methods and techniques used are rather effective but fuck me man its not clear to get a gist of whats going on. I don't know how deep this does or doesn't go, the exact specifics and sequence of events that landed us here but for whatever reason and towards whatever end the criminal ruling class are engineering this crisis to create a new system with all the glitches ironed out and return to a more fuedalisitic system. However it manifests itself I can guarantee it won't respect the rights and freedoms of more than 90% of the worlds population. At this rate people could watch someone be shot in the face and still deny it happened, "oh well they must be filming a new action movie, carry on with my pale existence". Ooo there's wmds in iraq we must go to war, no we don't want to spy on you all the time but we need the survalience state to "fight terrorism". Appears to be from my little knowledge the captains of this boat can see the iceberg before the passengers. The system was probably going to implode given the perpetual growth models and all the corruption, with that their power also. So essentially they're creating crises to justify the creation of another system whilst reordering things so there is never any threat to their monopolies or control again. Fucking parasites

      Carpathian HermitCarpathian Hermit2 dagen geleden
    • @Carpathian Hermit yes, and it's taught the majority to fear independent thought. I'm surprised it worked. I would like to believe 2020 was the year everyone could recognize lies by government and media, even if they didn't quite know the precise truth. But alas, I'm afraid, generations of indoctrination has made us blind and stupid

      Veg AhimsaVeg Ahimsa2 dagen geleden
    • Cognitive dissonance, denial, indoctrination and ad hominem attacks be most of it. Conspiracy theory was coined after jfks assassination when people had questions. Its a label used to shoot down any critical thinking. Just as many sheep who never ask questions as their are morons who believe every theory they see online. Reasoning is key

      Carpathian HermitCarpathian Hermit2 dagen geleden
  • It seems like there are a lot of reason to determine the site of origin of the virus. Unfortunately then you need to determine if it was accidental or intentional release...

    Stohik - GamingStohik - Gaming3 dagen geleden
  • World: "Did you create this virus in a lab?" China: "What?! No! How dare you?!" World: "Okay, cool. That's what we thought. Thanks."

    Chase BerwickChase Berwick3 dagen geleden
  • 70's music hits

    alex gonzalezalex gonzalez3 dagen geleden
  • Hmm...so that's what adults look like in 2021.

    Daniel Kurganov, ViolinistDaniel Kurganov, Violinist3 dagen geleden
  • This is like those scenes in pandemic movies like Contagion where you see the experts in the tv interviews explaining the truth that has been hushed.

    Dan McCarthyDan McCarthy4 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher is a chameleon. He advocates for whatever gets applause and twists himself into a pretzel when he doesn't.

    Sankofa AlkebulanSankofa Alkebulan4 dagen geleden
  • As per the media you should only pay attention to a problem once it has become uncontrollable, wonderful logic to doom humanity

    Alex PerezAlex Perez4 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher is completely outclassed by these two IMO..... I have heard all three of them for hours and hours over the years.

    simon daughtrysimon daughtry4 dagen geleden
  • now that trump is no longer president, it is ok to say he was right, and STILL, the trump haters don't know that the rest of the world think of them as idiots, for those of us in this part of the world, and knows china, the trump haters are idiots, including all the world famous media, all suddenly became imbeciles

    loretta applebeeloretta applebee4 dagen geleden
  • Thank you for talking about something rationally that many deemed a conspiracy theory. I hope to see more people having nuanced conversations

    Tori HawthorneTori Hawthorne4 dagen geleden
  • How come we we can say South African and British Covid variations but not Chinese Coronavirus? 🤔🤔

    KeniThaGodKeniThaGod4 dagen geleden
    • Gna gna gna: because when Trump said 'Chinavirus', it was about to blame (!) China for it. Nobody blamed Spain, when they called it the Spanish flu'. It's the blaming... Or did he scientifically prove anything about the origin of the virus?

      TheCommonoTheCommono3 dagen geleden
  • The thing is you couldn't even start a conversation that it may have come from a lab. Even saying that they might have been doing scientific research and the virus escaping the lab was grounds to be called a conspiracy theorist and even banned off twitter.

    bran1986bran19864 dagen geleden
  • Is this guy a moron? It transmits better indoors because it's aerial via saliva droplets in the air, of course in open spaces the transmission rate would be lower!

    Fabian080690Fabian0806904 dagen geleden
  • not only did it come from a lab in china. it came from a lab in china which came from a lab in america.. sorry but true

    casey Sanderscasey Sanders4 dagen geleden
  • fauci knew...he is a criminal..60 minutes..do not wear mask..the only truth he told!

    buttercupbuttercup5 dagen geleden
  • BS. More American exceptionalism pretending they couldn't POSSIBLY have been the victim of something an innocuous as nature. Were all pandemics made in the lab suddenly? The stupidity out of the USA never ceases. I hope China did make it though, would be sweet revenge for all America's threats against her.

    The UnspokenThe Unspoken5 dagen geleden
  • You know, Steve Hilton also said this and showed the actual articles and papers to prove it.

    Tani JTani J5 dagen geleden
  • Imagine speaking to Bill and at the same time having this woman stare directly into your soul the entire time lol.

    Solid Mike PSolid Mike P5 dagen geleden
  • Why is he saying "a lab made virus"? It wasn't made in that lab! They had it in the lab and were studying it. It could have leaked from that lab but it's not like they created Covid-19 and then it leaked. It was already in the lab!

    earthteacherbkearthteacherbk5 dagen geleden
  • I almost bought this until I realized they did a genome sequencing early on which lead to the rapid vaccine release. The genome sequencing has shown that this is a natural virus that occurred from cross species contamination. These two lost a lot of credibility as far as I am concerned.

    roy dunnroy dunn6 dagen geleden
  • Bill is never leaving his house again

    Jules WinnfieldJules Winnfield6 dagen geleden
  • Wait I thought this was an insane conspiracy theory

    Mitchel MaharMitchel Mahar6 dagen geleden
  • Well, apparently the WHO were in Wuhan and found no evidence of this whatsoever. So, again this looks like pure speculation.

    Pedro FragosoPedro Fragoso6 dagen geleden
    • Ah yes the WHO, China's lapdog who would never lie to protect their owners.

      Trophy Guide 101Trophy Guide 10119 uur geleden
  • There's about 90% chance you read this coment about it coming from the lab.

    De ViousDe Vious6 dagen geleden
  • As conspicuous as a Lab Virus having indoor transmission abilities, is the Stay at Home movement mandated by the agency that had massive monetary incentives from the Country where the Pandemic outbreak City and Lab are from.....very conspicuous indeed......maybe there is more as to why the discussion was politicized from the get go....

    Ricardo CanestraroRicardo Canestraro7 dagen geleden
  • I love these two, they are left leaning liberals and haven't bent over to the SJW left.

    Breandan ParkerBreandan Parker7 dagen geleden
  • The fact is the prophylaxis always work and are sake, effective and cheap.

    Laura PowersLaura Powers7 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher asked excellent questions here.

    Laura PowersLaura Powers7 dagen geleden
  • I don't know if this virus came from a lab or not, but if there is one thing on this Earth that I do know, then it's that you can never trust China.

    ShinkajoShinkajo7 dagen geleden
    • Thank you for pointing out what this is about... lol

      TheCommonoTheCommono3 dagen geleden
  • I'm not a trump supporter or a conservative but wtf Firstly the argument we now can talk about how this might be chinas fault is because trump isnt in office. No wtf....this convo is about how the virus is a chinese virus, Trump wasn't wrong in this situation 2. This whole vaccine didnt gain steam with trump being out a month. This plan has nothing to do with the president AND trump literally said a vaccine is on its way 2 months ago and the media accused him of lieing God damn, im a Democrat but holy shit y'all are brainwashed

    Antonio CaballeroAntonio Caballero8 dagen geleden
  • There is no virus.

    Minder6Minder68 dagen geleden
  • fyi fauchi was invested in said lab in china...

    eeeemmteeeeeeeemmteeee8 dagen geleden
  • So they are saying trump was right,,,,,,, without really saying it

    Ami05Ami058 dagen geleden
  • The only time when you can actually learn something is when he invites people from the "dark web" other than that is just a complaints squats of professional virtue signallers.

    Veselin RaychevVeselin Raychev8 dagen geleden
  • We're entering into a dark period of soft totalitarianism ("soft" in that its not necessary to use guns to keep people under control). The CCP is economically entangled with all of our major institutions and corporations (which own MSM). Acknowledging that Covid came from a lab is not only a possibility it's more than likely, otherwise why all the organized pressure to suppress discussion.

    92ninersboy92ninersboy8 dagen geleden
  • Bats live in caves, where people used to live before houses were invented. Maybe these two evolutionary biologists have never heard the term “bats in the belfry” but bats actually live ‘indoors’. And the 1918 influenza’s second wave was more deadly than the first and there’re were no viral labs from which it could have escaped. So, they lose two points for credibility.

    Jean LawlessJean Lawless8 dagen geleden
    • @92ninersboy The only simplistic thing was to come up with this hilarious conclusion: 'because propagation indoors, therefore not natural'. If it's more complicated, feel free to correct me. I will cancel you later.

      TheCommonoTheCommono3 dagen geleden
    • Thank you for points like these. Brett gets away with ludicrous claims since he debates talk show hosts and not credible virologists or experts.

      Chiraag RMChiraag RM8 dagen geleden
    • You lose 10 points for being simplistic.

      92ninersboy92ninersboy8 dagen geleden
  • Dont forget brets paypal site folks

    John LoweJohn Lowe8 dagen geleden
  • Politics should never trump common sense. My son spotted that lab in Wuhan right away & thought it suspect. The fact that this is just now "okay" to talk about bc the election is over speaks volumes. So ridiculous!

    Mrs. ComeansMrs. Comeans8 dagen geleden
    • @Mrs. Comeans. It's kinda been suppressed again. A scientist came out and said it wasn't "manufactured" in a lab. That was misdirection. Labs normally don'' build these things from scratch. They bring the virus from nature and modify it there. But now, they have linked the "lab" hypothesis to conspiracy-think. They based this on the "manufactured" scenario, which is not the way it's done. Constructing a brand new virus from scratch doesn't make sense. I just shudder when I see this stuff, and it's not hard to find if you read the news.

      Katha StrandKatha Strand7 dagen geleden
    • @Chiraag RM He is a smart man, but not genius level. He simply mapped where they said it began and then looked for virus labs nearby. His actions seem more like common sense to me, rather than genius. I'm sure he's not the only critical thinker out there who put the two together.

      Mrs. ComeansMrs. Comeans7 dagen geleden
    • Wow... Your son must be a genius..

      Chiraag RMChiraag RM8 dagen geleden
  • If, and i do say if since i have not seen any real evidence besides hearing some people say it, if it comes from a Chinezen lab, we should officialy call it the China virus

    engeltjebalenoengeltjebaleno8 dagen geleden
  • Like so many science fiction movies for the 70 years.

    LeopoldLeopold8 dagen geleden
  • Chapel Hill S. Carolina is where this began. A study in part funded by the chinese took place which allowed them to have thier own scientist take part as well as retain study information. If you go to nature.com you will now see an Editors note stating that they are " Aware that this story is being used as the basis for Unverified Theories that the novel coronavirus causing COV 19 was engineered. There is no evidence that this is true, scientists believe that an amimal is the most likely source of the coronavirus". When I read the article approximately a year ago there was no mention from the Editor. BUT, IS THERE ANY EVIDENCE NOW THAT IT CAME FROM BATS? AND, Where are these Scientists? There was supposed to be a Moratorium on Gain of Function research and yet it continued. Some people will argue that B.S.L.4s are capable of conducting this type of research without risk of harm but people do the research and people make MISTAKES.

    Ron HRon H9 dagen geleden
  • So now that Trump is at office it's okay to call it the Wuhan virus and acknowledge it came from China. LOL

    c gc g9 dagen geleden
  • Maher’s studio audience is comprised of the dumbest humans on the planet.

    Jon LJon L9 dagen geleden
  • Audience is retarded or fake? I can't tell.

    Yo MomYo Mom9 dagen geleden
  • How embarrassing. In 4 years everyone will wish we had Trump in our corner, because Biden is in China’s corner asking “what do I say”?

    G MoneyG Money9 dagen geleden
  • The U.S. Secretary of Health has more important priorities like sex change ops for kids. What a crazy time we are in.

    Gerry CallaghanGerry Callaghan9 dagen geleden
  • Fact still remains the vaccine is a killer & can't be trusted! How can you trust a rapidly concocted vaccine, from the same group of globalists, advocating humanity depopulation, now wants to "save" you from dying from a disease, engineered in a CCP lab?!🤔

    lnverted Globelnverted Globe9 dagen geleden
    • If that was their intention then why didn't they create a deadlier virus? Why are they allowing real death numbers to be reported instead of hiding it like the Chinese did? Get your head out of QAnon's ass.. Read about Spanish flu, black plague, monkey pox, etc.. There is a precedence

      Chiraag RMChiraag RM8 dagen geleden
  • Interesting how only with Trump out of office are Democrats finally being honest.

    James BonJames Bon9 dagen geleden
  • The virus was planned and engineered to be deadly to certain people. Fuck vaccines they are poison !!!

    Steve SosebeeSteve Sosebee9 dagen geleden
  • How can you have a 'vaccine' for a virus that has ADMITTINGLY NEVER BEEN ISOLATED? Therefore, proved to be even exists? More directed propaganda and predictive programming... People.. You MUST be critical of ANY comment, commenter that is PERMITED to speak fairly on any mainstream media platform EVEN if critical of mainstream news.. They are only gatekeepers to actual and full data. You almost never hear anything about the 50 000 + doctors and scientist signed on to the great Barrington declaration denouncing this whole thing as anti science and politically/economically motivated not to memention the other THOUSANDS of accomplished epidemiologists and virologist denouncing the fraudulent nature of the stance behind the WHO's narrative and the wantonly erroneous use of the RT PCR process to bring about panic with cases. Cases that are an estimated 94% false positive... You are all being hoodwinked and this very platform (tube) is openly censoring ANY VIEW however factual or accreditated the presenter that runs counter to the absolutely corrupt WHO narrative.. Openly as in it's very CEO has said so since may of last year. People.. Seek out the narrative of NON WHO SPONSORED 'EXPERTS' and then draw your own conclusions as to what is going on after a fair comparison.... Chances are you'll see through this globalist socioeconomic fraud.. Or not. But you will have a much clearer picture of the environment.

  • Trump is out and everyone in media now thinks many conspiracy are actually true. Corrupt hypocrites.

    MGTOW Saves Your LifeMGTOW Saves Your Life9 dagen geleden
  • Joe Rogan talk to Bill and said dude, you need to have him on your show to talk about this

    Justin AkersJustin Akers9 dagen geleden
  • So funny how a year ago you'd be labeled racist and trumpian for paying any consideration to this. Politics has become doublespeak on steroids

    Jimmy HodumJimmy Hodum9 dagen geleden
    • @Chiraag RM drink that nice refreshing Kool-Aid.

      Mask OffMask Off2 dagen geleden
    • @T W What fairy tale make believe world do you live in.... the left has thrown around the term racist at every single issue the past four years. Any speech they deem "wrong think" is considered racist. CRT will be the downfall of the western world.

      John WinchesterJohn Winchester2 dagen geleden
    • @bran1986 I'm willing to bet anything that you said a lot more than that. Spreading misinformation that could harm people will lead to a ban

      Chiraag RMChiraag RM4 dagen geleden
    • I was given a 7 day ban on twitter for suggesting it came from a lab.

      bran1986bran19864 dagen geleden
    • @T W like biden saying blacks and hispanics can’t get the vaccine because they don’t know how to use the internet?

      bkim412bkim4125 dagen geleden
  • Here is Ted Cruz, 10 months ago revealing the US involvement in this. nlworld.info/key/video/0qimn5a2qKteY6o

    SportsvideoSportsvideo9 dagen geleden
  • What Bill does not acknowledge is that the gain of function research was being done in North Carolina. And the Wuhan lab was funded in part by the USA. And that a Dr. Shi, who ran created this virus was in North Carolina, then went back to China where she worked in the Wuhan lab and is now a whistle-blower that has not been taken seriously by MSM. She has claimed she has proof the virus came from the lab in Wuhan. All of this info was available in Jan 2020. As a matter of fact, there is complete documentation that was published years ago explaining the gain of function experiments. With many scientists voicing concerns over the safety issues surrounding the work. The person that made this info available in the USA via a NLworld video was labeled conspiracy theory nut job.

    SportsvideoSportsvideo10 dagen geleden
  • Wuhan just happens to have a French designed P4 level bio lab ,where Dr Shi Zhengli studied and identified 4 viruses in bats she publishes her work in the Lancet etc from 2015 where she describes how they manipulated the virus to infect mice so they can study the effects and her peers in the US lambasted her for being so irresponsible .Clearly this is a tin hat conspiracy , I am putting my money on the theory of a dodgy box of foreign fish fingers started all this mess .Yours sincerely the W.H.O

    oohaahbirdoohaahbird10 dagen geleden
    • But if the CCP/WHO say its not from the lab you must believe them.

      92ninersboy92ninersboy9 dagen geleden