Monologue: Frazzledrip | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

29 jan. 2021
1 254 362 Weergaven

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Bill recaps the top stories of the week, including President Biden's executive orders and GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's kooky conspiracy theories.
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  • Trying to cover up the truth with jokes....too late cannot put the toothpaste back into the tube.

    Lisa ColemanLisa Coleman12 uur geleden
  • People are going to freak out when they finally realize pizzagate and frazzledrip are real.

    Chris GabrielChris Gabriel3 dagen geleden
  • Holy shit, trump is gone. Quit fucking talking about him.

    dalton brasierdalton brasier5 dagen geleden
  • Frazzledrip sounds like a 2011 my little pony creepypasta

    SorrokiSorroki6 dagen geleden
  • This is terrible

    Juqn VasilJuqn Vasil6 dagen geleden
  • This is shit

    Juqn VasilJuqn Vasil6 dagen geleden
  • Both parties, all lunatics. 1984.

    Glykeria ErotiGlykeria Eroti10 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher found out Santa wasn’t real and hasn’t recovered. Santa syndrome

    Rocky BalboaRocky Balboa12 dagen geleden
  • Nice red shoes, Billy

    Lonely ChainsawLonely Chainsaw13 dagen geleden
  • Wake up people ...

    M SM S14 dagen geleden
  • This old man is over.

    Judy AldrichJudy Aldrich15 dagen geleden
  • What does frazzledrip mean? I'm a French-Canadian

    Manon MalinoskyManon Malinosky17 dagen geleden
    • @guido toth Have you been on the dark web?

      truthbetoldtruthbetold11 dagen geleden
    • @truthbetold So where is this nonsense video?

      guido tothguido toth11 dagen geleden
    • @guido tothHave you been on the Dark Net?

      truthbetoldtruthbetold11 dagen geleden
    • @truthbetold I have chased down this conspiracy theory for a long time and have yet to see any credible evidence that this fairy story is real. Silly stories like that must be proven. There is no credible proof it exists.

      guido tothguido toth11 dagen geleden
    • @guido toth No I haven't, and I won't watch it if I could...but you were certain it didn''t exist, and I didn't get how you knew this.

      truthbetoldtruthbetold11 dagen geleden
  • It's like if the Republican Party is going through puberty.

    Allin7daysAllin7days19 dagen geleden
  • Some group has gone to an effort to use a disgusting horror picture from an album cover (No, Not Justin Bieber as I thought) anyway it's to discredit the fact the real thing exists. I tell myself is that incredibly good cgi. Steer clear, the devil or whatever you want to call it sees you because your whole view of the world will change, no matter how spirituality enlightened you think you are this is one of them can't go back. How such evil exists I cannot put into words anything out of horror movies will now seem like teddy bears picnic. If you know such evil exists you don't need to watch but when this eventually becomes mainstream alot of people will have to wake up or those who still think politicians are the answer deserve what's coming. No excuse to be so ignorant to the suffering in the world with such evidence like this.

    Michael ThomasMichael Thomas19 dagen geleden
  • No U

    Guy VanBurenGuy VanBuren22 dagen geleden
  • Hey it’s real

    Guy VanBurenGuy VanBuren22 dagen geleden
  • Go to hell Bill Maher

    Tyler SchroederTyler Schroeder22 dagen geleden
  • Pathetic, yikes

    Grayson EverettGrayson Everett23 dagen geleden
  • What a waste of air. Babbel of Babel

    Agent Time TravelerAgent Time Traveler24 dagen geleden
  • It's possible someone put ergotamine in the Wonder Bread on a national scale.

    john djohn d24 dagen geleden
  • Because I hate liberals. I am in the process of creating my very own newspaper similar to the EPOCH TIMES. The newspaper will be called the BAYESIAN TIMES .. It is a newspaper to prove that conservative ideals are the true form of life and living and can indeed be mathematically proven to be valid which shall be based on BAYES THEOREM. The newspaper the BAYESIAN TIMES will explore extremely nerve-wreaking issues such as QANON, the election fraud, government waste, child pornography, RAPE, FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE, sex trading, prostitution, drug trade, the war on drugs, etc. The BAYESIAN TIMES will make the EPOCH TIMES look like the liberal New Yorker by comparison.. It will become the ultimate in extreme-conservative views.....

    David BluDavid Blu25 dagen geleden
    • @Michael Thomas YES YOU ARE CORRECT.. However, there is another way to stop it, just like the institution of slavery was overthrown, and that is for this country to have yet another but very much mother-fucking needed knock-down drag-out second American civil war...

      David BluDavid Blu19 dagen geleden
    • @David Blu Those evil elite run everything at the highest levels. The only way of ending it is execution which they run so extinction from a higher force would help. You say you are good but are promoting hatred against people with a different opinion. It's absolutely plausible if not necessary to hate the degenerate molesters, abusers, bullies, scum people who Rob elderly people and are proud of it. They need putting down. I personally know I'm not good or bad, nobody could say I hurt them. I look after those close to me but they also look aftere and I plod on doing no harm watching society collapse. Can you say you're a good person when you breed hatred to people with different views... Like I said good luck with your newspaper I hope it breeds positiveness. Goodbye.

      Michael ThomasMichael Thomas19 dagen geleden
    • @Michael Thomas So you are saying that we should treat people who rape and murder children with kindness???

      David BluDavid Blu19 dagen geleden
    • @Michael Thomas NO but there is also such a thing as being on what is good and what is evil... Which side are you on ?????

      David BluDavid Blu19 dagen geleden
    • @David Blu "the left that I support"... So me having an opinion that there is no right or left makes me on the left? Having a view people should not address these horrific happenings by saying "I'm this I'm that.,.." and actually treat each other with empathy and compassion. Human species is to far gone. Other species are amazed they se to travel for eon's cross dimensions to witness the human race a vile disgusting species that induced so much pain and suffering on its own kind they just don't understand, BUT TRUST THE PLAN AND DO NOTHING... People cannot grasp others who don't ’pick a team' Like those of us who don't think any of the human condition makes sense it's a sick evil mess at least call team no opinion because there's no way of proving anything - "such dangerous people," dear lord... They don't go berserk and cry at trump's inauguration speech they must be up to something!!" Go back to neanderthal times at least they weren't raping out of sadism like today's people. I gave in and stupidly initiated s chat on here. This chat has turned me pro annihilation. YOULL SEE MY NEWSPAPER THATS COMING PUT SOON CRUSHING YOURS. Seriously though good luck with that. All's I'm saying is every human should acknowledge everyone is an individual and first and foremost treat each other with empathy and compassion. But since that's not possible total destruction is the only cure.

      Michael ThomasMichael Thomas19 dagen geleden
  • What Bill just told about Frazzledrip, is taken from an old European story about a Countess, who had young women killed, and used their blood on her skin, believing it would keep her youthful. Could of been Transylvania, but one of the countries in that region. I read the story. That is where these whackos got the basis of their BS.

    Elizabeth BetitElizabeth Betit25 dagen geleden
  • How are your red shoes, Bill?

    Kate TKate T25 dagen geleden
  • No women have ever came forward and said they have been with Bill Maher. He's obviously gay.

    matt geatzmatt geatz25 dagen geleden
  • You agree the election was rigged. Please explain yourself. If not then you will

    Marcee ChristensenMarcee Christensen25 dagen geleden
  • Maher looks a bit like L Ron Hubbard

    ProjectFlashlight612ProjectFlashlight61225 dagen geleden
  • Why would you NOT impeach a delusional psychopath who INCITED a “deadly” riotous attack, against the White House and OUR Democratic process...

    Jean LuneyJean Luney25 dagen geleden
  • All you need to do is convict any congressmen and put them in a federal prison in general population. All you need is just one. You don't need all of them. That alone, will scare the fucking shit out of the rest of them.

    ExtremeRecluseExtremeRecluse25 dagen geleden
  • How much do you guys get paid to come here and pretend you think this is funny?

    Rad Dog2020Rad Dog202026 dagen geleden
  • why did he title this video that?

    John BarrettJohn Barrett26 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher is the Sheppard who sends his flock jumping off a cliff. Anyone reading this comment should realize this weirdo's production company is called "kid love productions." Real subtle.

    Cislord SoyBlueCislord SoyBlue26 dagen geleden
  • Does Maher have his red shoes on?

    Dilly DallyDilly Dally26 dagen geleden
  • If Republicans had to bet money on whether Frazzledrip was real 95% of them would bet it’s not. But here’s the thing about them. They spread the lie anyway because in their minds their entire survival depends on demonizing and eventually murdering those who don’t agree with them. Those who they view as different and therefore threatening. They do not believe people who think differently than they do should exist. So they make make up these wild conspiracies about Democrats that if they were true would clearly mean that those Democrats wouldn’t have a right to freely exist. That’s what is really going on.

    Matthew WilliamsMatthew Williams26 dagen geleden
  • How can a call for murder be covered by freedom of speech?

    Johannes LabischJohannes Labisch26 dagen geleden
  • They dont even belief that, they know it's bull..

    Khalimero AdamKhalimero Adam26 dagen geleden
  • Something tells me In these next 4 years republicans are going to have very selective memory

    brandon garzabrandon garza26 dagen geleden
  • The Tweeter birds finally got rid of the Tweeter Trumpets because they were too loud

    Leonard EnglishLeonard English26 dagen geleden
  • Where’s your red shoes homeboy?

    Name Last nameName Last name26 dagen geleden
  • You look nervous Bill. I guess you’re afraid they’ll fond something about your creepy self🤔

    PerroPerro26 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher... That's the guy who defended pedophilia in a 98 show with Henry Rollins and Celeste Greig as his guests. That's the guy who's involved in a company called 'Kid Love Productions'. Wake up !

    LSdHof AhLSdHof Ah27 dagen geleden
    • Watch the video. It was 20+ years ago and Maher looked at the Mary Kay Latourneau case very simplistically and just joked about it being the fantasy of a 14 year old boy to have sex with a 34 year old teacher. The whole case was insane. Rollins pointed out that it was mental/emotional manipulation by the older woman and would cause damage to the boy and his kids later on in life. If you're not familiar with the case, she went to jail, and later married the boy when he was old enough and had kids with him.

      יוסי מיינריוסי מיינר26 dagen geleden
  • Death to USA !!!

    Uros MiljkovicUros Miljkovic27 dagen geleden
  • Beto said "I'm going to take your AR15's. Maher said "The Democrats aren't going to take your guns". Which one is the liar?

    bwtv147bwtv14727 dagen geleden
  • Lmao a dude part of the red shoe club part of boy lover production saying its fake, no shit its not like they’ll tell you the truth

    Jordan BoakJordan Boak27 dagen geleden
  • YES BILL CLAP FOR CENSORSHIP! bill who the hell are you anymore. You have been a millionaire far to long your not one of use your kind is dieing off.

    PopFormatePopFormate27 dagen geleden
  • She's the type of person that people are electing to high office. America, fucked yeah.

    Charles BurnhamCharles Burnham27 dagen geleden
    • now voters know her, and lets see next election, by then who knows the turn out, it is all about getting the vote out, see that was what he was good at

      ONNIE TALONEONNIE TALONE27 dagen geleden
  • why is this called Frazzledrip?

    popinfreshismpopinfreshism27 dagen geleden
  • I miss the days when Bill Maher made political jokes were both funny and truthful

    Renegade DalekRenegade Dalek27 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher used to be funny. I miss those days. 👎

    Pamela SuePamela Sue28 dagen geleden
  • Your scared of what's coming. TICK TOCK

    Nathan ENathan E28 dagen geleden
  • everyone knows that youre an Adrenochrome drinking monster Bill, shows over.

    swamp thingswamp thing28 dagen geleden
  • The protective men ignificantly blot because save effectively telephone against a hateful plow. vengeful, scarce skin

    Jim RetroJim Retro28 dagen geleden
  • No Bill, there’s no more Republicans. It’s just a party of lunatics. They don’t get the respect anymore.

    inigojuancarlosinigojuancarlos28 dagen geleden
  • No Bill, there’s no more Republicans. It’s just a party of lunatics. They don’t get the respect anymore.

    inigojuancarlosinigojuancarlos28 dagen geleden
  • Are authorities going to charge anyone with the murders of the capitol police members who died? I think a total of five people died. That one police member had served in Iraq and is killed in the Capitol building of the United States. Hit in the head with a fire extinguisher - a painful death.

    R. B.R. B.28 dagen geleden
  • Maher is losing his game....nobody likes pseudo-intellectual elitists snobs outside of the big cities..he has lost touch with the rest of America....

    Monkee MediaMonkee Media28 dagen geleden
  • hey, the liberals have their moronic politicians too...

    Monkee MediaMonkee Media28 dagen geleden
  • Tin foil hat time

    Eric DawsonEric Dawson28 dagen geleden
  • Bill is slowly becoming a liberal My Pillow guy.

    J. F.J. F.29 dagen geleden
  • All you ridin with biden goons are gonna get a serious wakeup call . Time for some serious self reflection

    Eric DalyEric Daly29 dagen geleden
  • "I love your shoes Nancy! They will look great on me!"

    David ArmillieDavid Armillie29 dagen geleden
  • Uhhhhhhhh but uhhhhh

    steve jessemeysteve jessemey29 dagen geleden
  • The black women on paper joke was seriously so good

    Marco CoelhoMarco Coelho29 dagen geleden
  • I'm moderately conservative and I LOVE Bill Maher. I don't agree with him on everything, naturally, but I really like his non-partisan takes and his common sense. And he's funny, which is an appreciated bonus.

    rune naljossrune naljoss29 dagen geleden
  • im from Wilmington Delaware , famous for Joe Biden AND "Christine O'Donnell" (I am not a witch) We miss her now... we want her back ...and her ''pigs with human brains"

    Kevin nonyahKevin nonyah29 dagen geleden
  • Is frazzled rip a new wrod for adrenochrome because I've read that word with the same explanation on various q-comments.

    Tweedle DumTweedle Dum29 dagen geleden
    • @Vagaba Assassina where can I get in contact with you

      Ridge Nappier channel back from the graveRidge Nappier channel back from the grave26 dagen geleden
    • @Ridge Nappier channel back from the grave I have pics from the vid

      Vagaba AssassinaVagaba Assassina26 dagen geleden
    • it is a word for an allegedly hillary Clinton huma abedin video

      Ridge Nappier channel back from the graveRidge Nappier channel back from the grave27 dagen geleden
  • I cant believe that the Greene idiot doesn't believe in the whole face off narrative by some of the Q idiots where they think the movie face off is a real concept and biden and trump switched faces. These people aren't people wtf. lol

    ALA87ALA8729 dagen geleden
  • Recently Bill had 2 scientists on who without explanation claimed Covid19 originated from a lab in Wuhan. The evidence shows the genomic sequence from the lab virus does not match the genomic sequence of the covid-19 in the community, so nope.

    Tony OrsiniTony Orsini29 dagen geleden
  • Get your facts straight Bill. You’re better than that! Trump did NOT ban transgender people he prohibited taxpayers PAYING for the medical treatment to transgender.

    sara wellnitzsara wellnitz29 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher one of the BEST,,,,,,,,,, ONELOVE.

    MSG ShillingfordMSG Shillingford29 dagen geleden
  • Super important High priority issues like allowing transgender people in the military, Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill? Mike Lindell whose company employs Americans lost his account because he lied on Twitter?

    Glenn QuagmireGlenn QuagmireMaand geleden
  • Man o man Bill ur extra blitz! No Trump so now ur writers are struggling to find something....

    William DedrickWilliam DedrickMaand geleden
  • The chubby halibut booly untidy because bail previously found failing a late gosling. irate, half aquarius

    Kenneth JonesKenneth JonesMaand geleden
  • Religions and the Bible have a lot of blame in the Republican / white supremacist coup attempt to make Drumpf a fascist, white supremacist, Christian dictator. It's no coincidence that the Bible teaches anti-science, radical fear and radical bigotry, and that the Republican / white supremacist coup attempt to make Drumpf a fascist, white supremacist dictator are science-denying, ¨Bible-thumping¨ people, afraid of everything. Religion and the Bible have a lot of blame in this. Religions have to edit out the most radically fear-mongering and bigoted parts of their books, teachings, etc. We can never hope to grow out of radical bigotry if we keep teaching it to our kids... The Jan 6th terrorist coup attempt was done by white supremacists. The Jan 6th terrorist coup attempt was done by Republicans. Both are true statements. Republicans are still fighting for a white supremacist dictatorship. #EditOutTheHate #NaziCoup #RepublicanCoup #ChristianCoup

    sanjuanstevesanjuansteveMaand geleden
  • He needs to do "25 things you didn't know bout Marjorie Taylor Greene" the next show.

    TheWiseGuyReviewsTheWiseGuyReviewsMaand geleden
  • Trump keeps quiet is " Jaws went out to the Sea a little while" Don't insult sharks, they have their honor!

    peter kpeter kMaand geleden
  • The inmates have taken over the Republican asylum.

    Bill GrandoneBill GrandoneMaand geleden
  • The rest of the planet is laughing at the United States.What a bunch of moronic clowns.

    Eddie MethotEddie MethotMaand geleden
  • The fact that she won an election shows how fucked up we are as a country

    Courtney WilliamsCourtney WilliamsMaand geleden
  • Schnicklefritz

    JahmesYogaJahmesYogaMaand geleden
  • File lawsuits and open criminal complaints immediately. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a murdering lunatic. Put her in prison NOW.

    Ezra KirkpatrickEzra KirkpatrickMaand geleden
  • You left out the part where your hero Biden has allowed men to compete in women’s sports thereby undermining female athletes. Idiot.

    Kermit TheFrogKermit TheFrogMaand geleden
  • Biden is also a BAFOON

    Ralph HayesRalph HayesMaand geleden

    Ralph HayesRalph HayesMaand geleden
  • Gavin Newsom is a BAFOON

    Ralph HayesRalph HayesMaand geleden
  • Hang all in the redshoe club

    J CJ CMaand geleden
  • Don't you ever think of retiring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Peter M. OlsenPeter M. OlsenMaand geleden
  • You never know which side Bill is on! Sad

    Byron AndersonByron AndersonMaand geleden
  • 😆

    country swagcountry swagMaand geleden
  • Honestly some of its crazy, but elites being involved in sexual trafficking really isn’t far fetched at all. Why did trump “ban” transgenders on the military? Because that’s misleading. Go ahead Bill, explain. There’s more to it.

    La Vie En RoseLa Vie En RoseMaand geleden
  • must read: by Craig Unger. Deep dive, hard read, more uncovered than his great House of Trump House of Putin! and the answer is = yes

    MemmorMemmorMaand geleden
  • Why are people laughing at this? Are they paid to laugh?

    Peter PeterPeter PeterMaand geleden
    • @Peter Peter ; Absolutely, everything is canned and already figured out as to what he would say to get confirmation from his preselected audience with no one there with a conservative, republican, pro Trump view. My favorite of the comedians turned political commentators is the really extemporaneous Jimmy Dore of The Jimmy Dore show. Even Jimmy states Maher has great script writers, which I believe too. The worst of them all is Steven Colbert who has script writers as well so Colbert can play to his selected left wing audience. Colbert however, is just way over the top obnoxious, but his audience, as dumb as they are, don't even for one minute think he's other than extemporaneous with his comments. One does get somewhat of extemporaneous remarks from TYT, The Young Turks; but here too, the less than 4th grade audience thinking level believe that TYT is giving them straight news; when, even they don't realize that, as admitted by Cenk Ungar, TYT is only an OPINION news show, playing to the dummy subscribers with just way over left contextual news opinion reporting. This is real apparent with the likes of John Idearola and especially Ana Kasperian. But their audience too, is none the wiser.

      Dan ZanDan ZanMaand geleden
    • @Dan Zan so it’s not a objective and critical. Its people laughing to confirm his outlook ?

      Peter PeterPeter PeterMaand geleden
    • Peter Peter: Bill's audience is preselected for left democrat ONLY people.

      Dan ZanDan ZanMaand geleden
  • What about Joe Biden allowing men to compete in women’s sports

    Robert ZunigaRobert ZunigaMaand geleden
  • Reversing Trump's executive orders was the easy part. Get's a lot tougher from here on out.

    Gordon StewartGordon StewartMaand geleden
  • Adrenochrome is what Frazzledrip is referring to.

    Maitreya S.Maitreya S.Maand geleden
  • I never thought I'd see liberal Democrats cheering the Banning of free speech. They're already starting the ban Accounts on the left so congratulations.

    Noah ZieglerNoah ZieglerMaand geleden
  • oo there it is - "Frazzledrip"... almost 5 minutes taken away from our lives for your growing wealth; isn't?

    Gener8JoyGener8JoyMaand geleden
  • can we see the "happy" laughing people in the back?...

    Gener8JoyGener8JoyMaand geleden
  • 3 minutes and no signs of "Frazzledrip" yet... 'hope it's not a clickbait again...

    Gener8JoyGener8JoyMaand geleden
  • Biden won't reverse the obscene tax cuts though will he. Mahar is a member of the haves and is not going to rock the economic boat. He is a pathetic fake.

    James PoonJames PoonMaand geleden