New Rule: America's Mass Delusion | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

5 feb. 2021
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It's fun to laugh at QAnon, but if you accord religious faith the kind of exalted respect we do here in America, you’ve already lost the argument that mass delusion is bad.
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  • Most people who claim to be Christians can't quote anything reliably from the bible and have no concept of how scripture relates to their own lives. Religion isn't the problem, ignorance and stupidity are.

    James 007James 0072 uur geleden
  • i love how the same people who will say "epstein didnt kill himself" will also say "a mass conspiracy of pedophilia in American government is an absurd premise". im betting 99% of people watching this believe both of these statements simultaneously. and clearly all of them vote

    John SmithJohn Smith3 uur geleden
  • God sent you who? WTF! America is this really happening? People don't believe in God and the Bible but Orange Baby?

    Kalashnikov KhodorkovskyKalashnikov Khodorkovsky10 uur geleden
  • Religion destroys everything.

    Danielle BakerDanielle Baker13 uur geleden
  • Meanwhile pe do Joe is dropping bombs all over Syria along with the N word on live tv 🙄 yeah Demokkkrats are $hit

    Dee MannixDee Mannix18 uur geleden
  • Everyone knows Blue Space Lasers from space come from something other than space. If I'm wrong and the Blue Lasers do come from some advance alien race, we need to get our shit together to protect the plant of these Blue Lasers.

    Zel matrixZel matrixDag geleden
  • Wait then if you're arguing about the election, why not hand over the info that the lawyers had? Why did the judges say yes there's evidence but they're blocking it and not for any REASON? We can't show it, or verify it, or look at it officially but it's probably not true because the mail-in system at the last second argument looks like shit. And if 80million people voted for the big guy they sure are quiet

    Matthew WalshMatthew WalshDag geleden
  • Religion without salvation equals spiritual death

    Don RuchDon RuchDag geleden
  • It's not about Trump it's all about Jesus Christ Jesus is the only one that can save your soul from hell the Bible's true the Bible says let God be true and every man a liar

    Don RuchDon RuchDag geleden
  • I wonder if Bill Maher made any video about Islam and Qumran. But then I guess he don’t want to end up like Charlie Understandable.

    Faffie Francis-MoreFaffie Francis-MoreDag geleden
  • You forgot you pushed Russia gate for 4 years bill?

    Hydra509Hydra509Dag geleden
  • I love ya Bill....I love your common sense and intelligence!! The only difference between us is I am a believer in Christ. BUT I do not believe what all of those whackos that believe all you just spoke about. They are simply brainwashed. I'm sick and tired of THEM thinking they have God on their side but then so did the Nazis. And true the book of Revelations is wild but they take it all out of context to suit their cray cray conspiracy theories!

    Jacqueline IonaJacqueline IonaDag geleden
  • America isn't funny anymore which is sad 😞

    richard murphyrichard murphyDag geleden
  • More liberal propaganda. “The bigger the lie, apparently, the more likely the uninformed were to accept it, simply because they couldn't believe any government would tell such an absurd story unless it were true.” ― David Weber, On Basilisk Station

    Scott and KylieScott and Kylie2 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher is actually one of the largest purveyors of Cancel Culture. Bill Maher's show REAL TIME supports and thrives on CANCEL CULTURE. They could have called the show "Cancel Culture with Bill Maher". Bill won't survive the attempt at canceling Cancel Culture. It is way too late to defeat the wave of hate he helped built.

    Marie ClarkMarie Clark3 dagen geleden
  • I'm a serious, bible-reading, church going conservative (as opposed to prosperity preacher type) slave of Jesus the Christ. Revelations is highly symbolic. Also, Idkw Yahweh allowed Trump to become President, but I only see a golden calf. They proved it by erecting a gold statue of Trump at the Feb 2021. The Bible warns us, largely IN REVELATION, that the closer we get to Jesus's return, the more chaos, extreme weather, social unrest, etc., we will have. ALSO; deceivers and the deceived will multiply exponentially-even those who believe in and follow Jesus. Infact, (the Bible warns):, they'll create a version of Jesus that is NOT in the Bible.(e.g. Paula White, K.Copeland, T.D.Jakes) They'll leave in enough facts, and sound theology in their version to make it seem he's the same Jesus, but he's not.WHY would they ? To fit their own agenda & comfort zone. This has always been the case but, again- there's an obvious & exponential increase w/ in the last several years.

    Natalie ShaferNatalie Shafer3 dagen geleden
  • when they're done taking over the gop they'll come for the left. this is real and its happening.

    g00gleyesg00gleyes3 dagen geleden
  • 1:50 Mygeeto??? One who knows about a droid attack on the wookies died there... #Triggered

    Chance BrownChance Brown3 dagen geleden
  • “The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God'.”

    coley Mcoley M3 dagen geleden
  • The book of revelations is full of symbolism.

    coley Mcoley M3 dagen geleden
  • I despise Marxism but I agree with one thing said, "religion is an opiate of the masses".

    l jonesl jones3 dagen geleden
  • Republi-cons have become high-profile maniacs.

    joyce Loeschjoyce Loesch3 dagen geleden
  • Or GOOD Mushrooms 😉🐾🤯🐕🤸

    Fuzzy FlickFuzzy Flick3 dagen geleden
  • If God sent Trump to lead the country it was only as a punishment for all the evil things that we've done especially the older Caucasians in the Republican party i guess it's called self punishment with tax breaks i just read one of the memes that said if you reduce someone's IQ by 50% you're just left with the Q so that would be the question????!!!!!!?????

    Donald SmithDonald Smith4 dagen geleden
  • I guess you're a Christian ?

    Gregory DenbowGregory Denbow4 dagen geleden
  • It is kind of ironic that the Democratic side spent 4 years doing what the Republicans (or Trump supporters) are now doing regarding the stealing of elections and rigging. Is this the way it will be at each election now that the losing side won't accept the result?

    Roderick RandomRoderick Random4 dagen geleden
  • Another thing about the pious : they WANT to feel persecuted while actually owning the world.

    Dona SkaggsDona Skaggs4 dagen geleden
  • When will he stop preaching to the choir? It's getting so boring and lame. The great thing about Trump is he stopped the utter ball licking of Obama.

    zigzagbigbagzigzagbigbag4 dagen geleden
  • 38 % of Americans believe wrestling is real. Therefore, it is.

    Bill ScottBill Scott5 dagen geleden
  • Sold you soul and you got no feeling. Cold as a ice chest.

    sue smithsue smith5 dagen geleden
  • You a delusion too, you know who write the revelation your ancestors. You are not a good soul.

    sue smithsue smith5 dagen geleden
  • I'd prefer having christians trying to convince me Trump was sent by God than a state bureaucrat forcing me to live a certain way. Freedom eroding a bit more every day.

    MrUnlimitedTorqueMrUnlimitedTorque5 dagen geleden
  • So many people practice there faith peacefully and it gives them meaning. You dont seen black church goers at this capital riot. Other democracies aren’t having the same issues like the UK and Canada.

    SuperKing604SuperKing6045 dagen geleden
  • Separation of church and state is in place for a very good reason.

    Anita HamlinAnita Hamlin5 dagen geleden
  • How DaFuq Did Freaking Tommy Teuberville Beat Doug Jones? Doug Successfully Prosecuted the Bombers & Killers of the 4 Little Girls, & Tommy Couldn't Beat Alabama ...

    frank boninifrank bonini5 dagen geleden
  • 3,000 people gave you a thumbs-down, Bill. That's a good indicator you & your show are doing something RIGHT. Thank you.

    budbuddybuddestbudbuddybuddest5 dagen geleden
  • As you well know, God denied Tuberville's statement. God said he is not as stupid as this moron senator and request an investigation on how he could have made such a mistake as allowing this bird-brain to be born.

    Pierre BibeauPierre Bibeau5 dagen geleden
  • Nothing beats US delusion!

    Kat59Kat595 dagen geleden
  • kill your god, the egg came first!

    801GMC801GMC5 dagen geleden
  • perfect definition of trumpism. excellent episode, laughing my a** off.

    801GMC801GMC5 dagen geleden
  • Remember the "not my president" movement when Trump was elected? Don't bullshit me about mass delusion.

    Avi FiBeAvi FiBe5 dagen geleden
  • Jesus is my Lord but I cannot continue a relationship with my E-free sister who drank the Koolaid and continues to follow Trump. Hey he lost the election yet she said I was brainwashed. WOW. Disconnect

    Marcee ChristensenMarcee Christensen5 dagen geleden
  • mass delusion? --- as all the liberals in CA move to Conservative cities and states. lOL

    Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan6 dagen geleden
  • I know someone made a book 2000 something years ago, but the longer we respect these peoples views the dumber we will look to future generations.

    Alex RamseyAlex Ramsey6 dagen geleden
  • I am by Pardison nope republican nope democrats they promise stuff on the campaign trail and when they get in where is the change if you want to change you will change for the greater

    Joshua RobertsJoshua Roberts6 dagen geleden
  • You can literally see the elites hand up Bills ass moving his mouth for him.

    Rico-suaveRico-suave6 dagen geleden
    • @Wyatt Games im guessing you like the up his butt part. Sicko.

      Rico-suaveRico-suave4 dagen geleden
    • Keep telling yourself that bud

      Wyatt GamesWyatt Games4 dagen geleden
  • PUTIN= TRUMP =QANON=REPUBLICANS This is all you need to know about Russian. Psy OP that is leading to mass delusion in America.

    Avigg RAvigg R7 dagen geleden
  • When are these nuts gonna learn that GOD and Jesus ain't religious or patriotic. BUT ONLY PEOPLE ARE! And they won't favor you over others, don't want credit, blame or interfere in your chosen actions. The "crazies" is part reason we have separation of church and state. "In GOD We Trust" printed on money is also a joke..

    1mespud1mespud7 dagen geleden
  • One man's opinion, no more, no less. I respect that he has an opinion, but I disagree. I guess that makes me a racist, eh?

    0 00 07 dagen geleden
  • You are going to wish we are delusional when your burning in hell

    Terry CaseTerry Case7 dagen geleden
  • This man will answer some day to the One he is mocking. He totally doesn't know a thing about the Bible and he lumps all Christians into one group of people. There are many Christians that do no hold to any of the things he was talking about. Because the Mafia once was known for mostly being a group of Italians does that mean every Italian is in the Mafia. That's ok., he can have his fun now and help to promote the bloodshed of Christians as they keep stepping up the persecution. And he can keep mocking on subjects of which is knows nothing about (The Book of Revelations and the return of Christ). One day he will meet this Jesus face to face and be ashamed and terrified because he rejected His Salvation. I pray this poor man comes to the knowledge of the Truth that is in Christ Jesus.

    PatriciaPatricia8 dagen geleden
  • Religion is a stain on humanity.

    Jason TorrensJason Torrens8 dagen geleden
  • Why don't Democrat officials sit down with trumps lawyers and just explain to them piont by point why the election was fair? Then release the video and the bulk of doubters would move on.

    Joey MacJoey Mac8 dagen geleden
  • Can't waite until he is standing before God and has to relive this

    janie stevensjanie stevens8 dagen geleden
    • Funny how the delusional religious love to hate.

      Average BearAverage Bear5 dagen geleden
    • Didn't know they had internet access in the lunatic asylum, Shouldn't you be suspended on a chair spinning round really fast otherwise known as rotational therapy.

      mateo eastonmateo easton5 dagen geleden
  • Mass delusion? Hey Bill is that like the lefts mass delusion that men can be women and women can be men? Is it the same kind of mass delusion as the lefts mass delusion of a year of burning buildings and killing innocent people was mostly peaceful? Or what about the lefts mass delusion of Russia, Russia Russia. Give me a break the left has already cornered the market on mass delusion! Pay close attention Bill because the mass delusion of Jesus coming back is about to be your Reality.

    Larry RickeyLarry Rickey10 dagen geleden
  • It’s the anti-Christ that’s what it is I’m not gonna say the name of the word “there’s not a human is not from this planet is not even an alien oh shit shit on a - KMSL - So you’re telling me it’s OK to be an atheist I really don’t like that word atheist I just believe in Darwinism

    Gayle CheungGayle Cheung10 dagen geleden
  • Dems don't dare criticize Islam because they don't have balls. Four years of Dem insurrection and rioting, and they could not handle one conservative march. Crybabies

    Billy BonesBilly Bones10 dagen geleden
    • You have balls?!

      Apóstolo da RazãoApóstolo da Razão10 dagen geleden
  • Guess what? This is going to be my thesis statement for my college writing project.

    The Skeptical SkepticThe Skeptical Skeptic10 dagen geleden
  • This is why america will end when you make blasphemy against God

    Creative Production Chairman/CEO Damien D-kingCreative Production Chairman/CEO Damien D-king11 dagen geleden
    • @Creative Production Chairman/CEO Damien D-king Well, I suppose someone could declare themselves god, get enough people to change the government. No blasphemy needed, just gullibility. There's plenty of that in America now.

      Average BearAverage Bear4 dagen geleden
    • If you think so

      Creative Production Chairman/CEO Damien D-kingCreative Production Chairman/CEO Damien D-king4 dagen geleden
    • There's no evidence of any god(s) doing anything. So, America is safe.

      Average BearAverage Bear5 dagen geleden
    • I've been doing that for 28 years.

      Jon EricsonJon Ericson10 dagen geleden
    • Shove your god!

      Apóstolo da RazãoApóstolo da Razão10 dagen geleden
  • Saddest part is that Jesus was a Socialist. He and Bill would have gotten along great. I think.

    Artie RupinenArtie Rupinen11 dagen geleden
    • Jesus is not a socialist... but thanks for sharing your lack of knowledge.

      Moe ZuraMoe Zura9 dagen geleden
  • That summary of revelations was way off. Can’t imagine living a life not believing in anything. Don’t blame the religion or the God for what we do. We were given free will. Everything here is all us. And if you’re just going to trash Christianity you need to understand it. Not just think you do. Not everything is as we understand it. We barely know anything at all. Keep hating on an ideology that preaches love and decency though. We’ll see what the real deal is when we die. Christianity didn’t tell the churches to become corrupt or people to be evil. If you haven’t read and studied the book you don’t know enough to speak on it. Just because there are weird things and you don’t want to understand doesn’t make you right and Christianity wrong. Whether you believe it or not the Bible is full of wisdom that brings light into your life and makes everything much better than a life where you think like Bill Maher. And if you seek God in your life you will find him and know in your heart. You all already do in your heart somewhere anyway. You may not like that or feel some type of way but we all know in our hearts.

    Nathan StraitNathan Strait11 dagen geleden
  • I wish people in leadership posotions knew the difference between "cavalry" and "Calvary".

    Gen. Nathan Bedford ForrestGen. Nathan Bedford Forrest11 dagen geleden
  • Huuhu6240

    Renee CourtoisRenee Courtois11 dagen geleden
  • Progresivism it's a religion too :/

    Стефан РадевСтефан Радев11 dagen geleden
  • WTF! God did not send us Trump!

    Andrea CarrizalAndrea Carrizal11 dagen geleden
  • Well, Maher is definitely on Mr. S's payroll...and direct energy weapons are a can find lockheed martin advertisements for that on here..

    Mista HowardMista Howard11 dagen geleden
  • I'm not ashamed to be a Christian, but the gospel these people are being fed comes straight from hell. I no longer attend church because I refuse to be fed such heresy. If truth be told Q is an organization created and funded by Trump.

    Teresa LuceroTeresa Lucero11 dagen geleden
  • Love love love.... Today's truth prophet... Bill❤️❤️

    Mazac TalMazac Tal11 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher found out Santa wasn’t real and hasn’t recovered. Santa syndrome

    Rocky BalboaRocky Balboa12 dagen geleden
  • can we already treat religion like mental illness how long we can drag this crap?

    KoTuKoTu12 dagen geleden
  • What a jackA$$

    kathleenkaykkathleenkayk12 dagen geleden
  • Maher- smug on an epic level. Keep laughing.

    John FestaJohn Festa12 dagen geleden
  • In the name of Jesus how can people believe that man forget his children but docent he care is grand kids will be going to school hearing about the te grand father and the effect its go ING to have on them dome dome is so dome he sprayed masses only to hold the BIBLE Upside down o lord I watched him walk into a group of leaders late then pushed them out of the way so he could stand in front I saw the faces of the leaders he pushed out of is way shock I was so shame for America i said oh lord he is that bad. The last 4 plus yrs was bad lord deliverous.

    Hermina VHermina V12 dagen geleden
  • I came up with this one today, but for some reason i can only think of it in Bills voice: Did you know that they now use finger prick tests in Congress? It consists of the question “Is Donald Trump guilty?”

    TiggerPlaysTiggerPlays12 dagen geleden
  • Direct energy weapon. You blowhards should stop laughing about that which you are obviously ignorant of. Been around for years now. Oh sorry, you follow this egomaniac, my condolences.

    Bard SimpsonBard Simpson12 dagen geleden
  • Poor Bill. He doesn't seem to get it. Religion is a concept, it can't cause people to be idiots unless they allow themselves to be. There are many religious people in the world who balance faith and reason, so it obviously is not the problem. But it makes for good comedy, I guess.

    pathfinderpathfinder12 dagen geleden
  • Revelation was written to keep Christians spirit strong and alive during great persecution under Nero Caesar. Most of those written in it are metaphors to describe certain people of the time.

    AbrahamAbraham12 dagen geleden
  • Smartphones are weaponized bibles for the millions of Satan worshippers disguised as Christians. TRUMP4PRISON2021

    Barbie LockBarbie Lock12 dagen geleden
  • 4:30 How many Courts have actually examined these dozens of trials on their merits ?

    Kennedy DryKennedy Dry13 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher fell into political correctness. He would not have the guts to invite Jordan Peterson anymore for instance.

    Kennedy DryKennedy Dry13 dagen geleden
  • QAnonism is like Zombieism. Except THE Q folks can be killed by bullets.

    M CM C13 dagen geleden
    • So can zombies, unless you're referring to the ones from Return of the Living Dead.

      Jon EricsonJon Ericson10 dagen geleden
  • The only god the members of Congress who invoke the Trumpian crap worship is Mammon.

    M CM C13 dagen geleden
  • I’ll be seeing u in Montreal row AA 14-16. I laugh loud. 😎🥳🤩

    1okemes11okemes113 dagen geleden
  • So according to Sen Cruz 33% who have a "feeling" and no evidence should be favored over the 67% who do have evidence? Yeah screw you.

    robert moorerobert moore13 dagen geleden
  • Good to see Bill from "Religulous"

    robert moorerobert moore13 dagen geleden

    Martin SmithMartin Smith13 dagen geleden
  • He's got revelation all wrong.

    daniel andersondaniel anderson13 dagen geleden
  • , and this is your brain on God.

    Jsmith4xJsmith4x13 dagen geleden
  • Great Bill as usual!!

    Perry LearyPerry Leary13 dagen geleden
  • The bible is almost as crazy as men turning into women

    John JamesJohn James13 dagen geleden
    • Difference being: Transgender people are real. The Bible, not so much.

      Ben TheredonethatBen Theredonethat13 dagen geleden
  • This is full on anti christian,I hope I live long enough to see the day this damned country burns to the ground.

    Bereket GesseseBereket Gessese13 dagen geleden
    • Do you long for the end because of Anti-Christians or because of Christians?

      Ben TheredonethatBen Theredonethat13 dagen geleden
  • It’s all one big ruse.

    Kenny ThomasKenny Thomas14 dagen geleden
  • That’s not Pontus Pilate. It’s Dances with Karens.

    truepeaceniktruepeacenik14 dagen geleden
  • I wonder if Ted Cruz would say we have to respect 9/11 conspiracy theories too because people believe them

    Christopher DonahueChristopher Donahue14 dagen geleden
  • They own all sides of the Wars currently applied on society; most we are blind to until the poison had already taken affect. Social discord is engineered. Look at the overwhelming propaganda

    Michael PhillipsMichael Phillips14 dagen geleden
  • The realist shit!

    Metchy NorthMetchy North14 dagen geleden
  • America is a nation of believers and followers. Thinking is a sin.

    Denji2006Denji200614 dagen geleden
  • space lasers, i will be going back to temple because i want one

    Nick UngerNick Unger14 dagen geleden
  • The amount of great quotes here is amazing. And many of them are spot on. I respect Bill Maher for trying to make a serious point with humor. I would agree that many of these followers of evangelical movements and Trump and Qanon and...are not willing to use reason and face the evidence. However, that doesn't prove or disprove the existence of God. I often think proponents of atheism do themselves a disservice when they invoke imagery from the Bible as silly and ridiculous, which it would be if people take it literally, but are not willing to acknowledge that it was clearly meant by the author to be symbolic. The atheist critics want to paint all believers as dumb literalists. How could you be so silly and stupid as to believe such a fairy tale. Well, there are many intelligent philosophical arguments for the existence of a higher power. There are strong arguments for the Christian belief in a Messiah. Talking down to your audience may make them clap and laugh, but it doesn't prove your overarching thesis. I know you are limited on time and trying to be funny, but your audience can handle a more intellectual argument. What you did just shows the gullibility and silliness of the morons who stormed the capital and for some reason I can't fathom still believe Trump is their modern day King David. The criticism of Christianity, as a whole, fell flat.

    Daniel IrwinDaniel Irwin14 dagen geleden
  • What about the faith based delusion of the Russian Collusion conspiracy? And don't "liberals" in America literally perceive Trump as Satan/Hitler? Seems like you guys have a lot in common with those Christians you hate.

    This Ain't My NameThis Ain't My Name14 dagen geleden