New Rule: Strife of the Party | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

13 nov. 2020
2 318 359 Weergaven

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Bill implores Democrats to use common sense and tone down the hypersensitive wokeness that drove voters to Trump.
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  • got the liberalism you critical?.. why? Do not like what you have made?

    Brent dykgraafBrent dykgraaf2 uur geleden
  • Liberalism......starting to eat their sit back and watch the smorgasbord.

    Brent dykgraafBrent dykgraaf2 uur geleden
  • Imminent comedic death....when an audience is so woke they dare not clap.

    Brent dykgraafBrent dykgraaf2 uur geleden
  • He is trying so hard to get his audience to pull their heads out of their asses. I hope he succeeds one day.

    Jackson BownsJackson Bowns7 uur geleden
  • I don't agree with Orange Man Bad. But I do agree with Bill's warning that today's Social Dems don't have a clue and are dangerous.

    Michael JacquesMichael Jacques11 uur geleden
  • Bill Maher is brilliant.

    Nick BarcheckNick Barcheck16 uur geleden
  • Damn Bill.. You're the only lib who got why Trump had support.. and now it's back to establishments insane corruption.. or sorry. 'NORMALCY' right?

    Matthew WalshMatthew WalshDag geleden
  • Hes almost there, he almost gets it, the problem is though, it's not half popcorn/half dog shit, it's half dog shit/ half diarrhea and the liberals are the diarrhea!!

    steven konzensteven konzenDag geleden
  • Fuck Latin X Putos n PC me la Pela

    Martin ChapaMartin ChapaDag geleden
  • Thanks Bill. This is how people who vote NOT Republican feel about the Dems

    Turk TurkletonTurk Turkleton2 dagen geleden
  • Welcome to the real world BILLY BOY most if us have seen what idiots the left are for a long time

    Andrew BarnardAndrew Barnard2 dagen geleden
  • Sorry, but I'd still side with a QAnon believer (if forced to choose) over a Party that would sign an executive order putting teenaged young men on a wrestling mat to beat the crap out of my daughter and have those same young men next to her changing in her in her locker room any day of the week........ I can deal with loony ideas, but when it comes to loony actions I draw the! Trump may be a bit nutty but I was making more money while he was in office, the gas prices were the lowest since I became an adult 23yrs ago, and the man isn't afraid to call out certain bullshit ideas when hears them. And yeah, I know his ideas aren't always perfect. But as I said, I'll take his bad ideas over your bad actions any day of the week.... Most of his ideas were rethought and changed by the time they made it to policy while your ideas just get bullrushed into an executive order as is, and then they're forced down our throats as has been proven just in the last month and a half of Biden's presidency. I've seen crazy before, but this is straight up lunacy.

    Michael ArdentéMichael Ardenté2 dagen geleden
  • Yeah Bill, you’re totally right. We need to just give conservatives what they want, or else they win.

    MisterFisterMisterFister4 dagen geleden
  • As a Latino, I can see why some whites are fed up and angry. How would yo like to be the race, for which ALL racial problems are of your doing? I know Latinos, Asians, Blacks, Armenians, etc, who are very racist. Notice how WHITES....are ALWAYS the whipping child for racism, but the LEFT, will NEVER, EVER touch non-whites with that same whip?

  • I can't disagree, generally. Though it's clear Bill Maher is pretty clueless about women's experiences. I don't think Joe Biden is a sexual predator or deserved potential dismantling of his campaign for what he did but excusing old men and their old men ways really doesn't cut the mustard at this point.

    Bodacious TnessBodacious Tness4 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher's legsl name needs to changed to Common Sense. I dont know if he writes all of this but he is brilliant. I'm a liberal Dem and I completely agree.... Political correctness is killing the Democrats. "The outside world is not for you" was brilliant.

    Jeff CJeff C5 dagen geleden
    • “Common sense is just the collection of prejudices acquired by age 18.” - Albert Einstein

      MisterFisterMisterFister4 dagen geleden
  • This didn't age well...

    My Pillow GuyMy Pillow Guy6 dagen geleden
  • The things Maher brings up here are the sole reason many people voted for trump in the first place. If the Democrats dont get the message this time the next election might bring us someone worse that Trump.

    TJ BlaiddTJ Blaidd6 dagen geleden
  • Sorry Bill, the problem is the utter ignorance and stupidity of the people who vote. As you said, this woke shit happens mostly on twitter and if chasing a college professor off campus is worse than idk having a bunch of religious nuts in power then we deserve Trump and worse.

    Nelson GuzmanNelson Guzman7 dagen geleden
  • And now the Democratic Party is the party of 'kids in shipping containers'

    Nancy ZNancy Z7 dagen geleden
  • People don’t vote Democrat because they come across as a bunch of condescending elitist who increasingly no longer tolerate dissent and often belittle those who think differently. The “woke” culture is the product of mostly very privileged people born after 1995, and grew up comfortably in suburban middle/upper class households, had parents with professional jobs, and attended 4 year residential universities. They have lived in a time of such peace and prosperity, they largely don’t even remember 9/11 and the pandemic is the first real hardship of their lives. These are the adult children who want safe spaces and to be safe from speakers they don’t agree with via cancellation, and now they are adults and taking to the streets with this nonsense. Democrats could face won 2020 in a landslide, but instead of moving towards the center and distancing themselves from this progressive nightmare, they have embraced it. Stop labeling 75 million people who think your intersectional identity politics are toxic as racist/sexist/homophobic and learn to live and tolerate a pluralistic society. NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO THINK LIKE YOU, IT DOESN’T MAKE THEM EVIL.

    JBJB7 dagen geleden
  • “The Democrats have lost their fucking minds.” -Ben Shapiro You know it’s bad when Bill sees it too.

    Kengine ExpressKengine Express7 dagen geleden
  • Thank you Bill!! Thank you

    Corrie Donovan - SopranoCorrie Donovan - Soprano8 dagen geleden
  • Because DEMOCRATS do nothing but play the blame game and make EVERYTHING ABOUT RACE AND HATE and think the Government should have ALL the control and power over individual rights. DEMOCRATS are nothing but HYPOCRITES. That's why I will NEVER VOTE DEMOCRAT.

    1978 321978 329 dagen geleden
  • I don't get it, why keep pandering to the radical left? They're a fraction of the liberal spectrum of society, way smaller than trumptards in the conservative side

    BalfourBalfour11 dagen geleden
  • We won the 2 seats as well. Vp Harris is the tiebreaker in the house.

    Joycelyn BurkeJoycelyn Burke11 dagen geleden
  • The future of the democrat party is illiberal authoritarian ideology being pushed by the CCP and big corporations in order to make people submissive

    Paul JamilkowskiPaul Jamilkowski12 dagen geleden
  • If the rest of the party thought like this guy I might actually be a Democrat

    Kardiac JediKardiac Jedi14 dagen geleden
  • Democrats only vote the very top of the ballot (president). Because the really only pay attention to that. Dems are political illiterates. And unless u trigger them some how and they think they can get a woke badge for it. They don’t bother filling in the rest. I love bill for trying to stop the stupid

    Cassidy MillerCassidy Miller15 dagen geleden
  • for those who agree with biden, what about this biden in 1985

    scott madoffscott madoff16 dagen geleden
  • The hyper sensitive crowd is also always the loudest, particularly on the internet.

    Sanzu RiverSanzu River17 dagen geleden
  • I come to your show to hear common sense

    Aziza FarhaAziza Farha17 dagen geleden
  • You know Bill's got a good message when you see the amount of dislikes

    Cam BrtCam Brt18 dagen geleden
  • This is actually the best segment I have ever seen on this show. Sums up perfectly why I would never vote Democrat. Bunch of cry baby pussies.

    SquidGunmanSquidGunman18 dagen geleden
  • 100% all of this

    Jesse TracyJesse Tracy18 dagen geleden
  • I saw the ladies on the view reacting to this and it went right over their stupid heads. They of course completely disagreed.

    Dudley BurlesonDudley Burleson19 dagen geleden
    • @mysticaltyger49 you need every liberal in America to watch it 3 times. The white racists in the jim crow south saw the world exactly like todays racebaiters, skin color is the determining factor and group identity is paramount, its the opposite of what MLK gave his life trying to get people to do

      Dudley BurlesonDudley Burleson17 dagen geleden
    • If only people would just stop watching that show.

      mysticaltyger49mysticaltyger4917 dagen geleden
  • Thank God someone on the left still has some common sense. I disagree with Maher 90% of the time but this is spot on. I will never vote for another democrat as long as i live. They turned their backs on America

    Dudley BurlesonDudley Burleson19 dagen geleden
  • Because I hate liberals. I am in the process of creating my very own newspaper similar to the EPOCH TIMES. The newspaper will be called the BAYESIAN TIMES .. It is a newspaper to prove that conservative ideals are the true form of life and living and can indeed be mathematically proven to be valid which shall be based on BAYES THEOREM. The newspaper the BAYESIAN TIMES will explore extremely nerve-wreaking issues such as QANON, the election fraud, government waste, child pornography, RAPE, FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE, sex trading, prostitution, drug trade, the war on drugs, etc. The BAYESIAN TIMES will make the EPOCH TIMES look like the liberal New Yorker by comparison.. It will become the ultimate in extreme-conservative views.....

    David BluDavid Blu25 dagen geleden
  • Maher hasn’t changed his ideology ever, his party has gone so far to the left, it literally makes him come off as a moderate right of center. This is why the Democratic party needs amnesty. They literally eat their own.

    TJ GuidoTJ Guido26 dagen geleden
  • Shit can I kiss the back of Biden's neck then?

    Gaysian_americanGaysian_american27 dagen geleden
  • Wow the audience really are just trained seals. Incredible. Props to Maher finally acknowledging the absolute nonsense of the woke left.

    MDYTMDYT27 dagen geleden
  • Wtf is Latinx? Sounds like a tissue company.

    Idonot WantoIdonot Wanto28 dagen geleden
  • Latinx is not a word and will never be in the Spanish language.

    A SA S29 dagen geleden
  • Bill, FFS, get rid of the audience. A quarter audience is not better than no audience, it sounds terrible.

    chinabuzzchinabuzzMaand geleden
  • Ok I mean technically the dems flipped the senate, but joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are pretty conservative democrats, not to mention Independent Angus King. 50-50 with a potential harris tiebreaker isnt nearly enough. They also enjoyed a 40 seat house majority the last two years, which just got cut to less then 10. Also, the GOP maintained its iron grip on governors and state legislatures, even in some of the bluest states.

    Wilder MurphyWilder MurphyMaand geleden
  • Think we know now. 2/1/21. Dems lied about 2000$ checks, about passing anything immediately and just doing anything if they got control.

    MKMKMaand geleden
  • Bill Maher for president.

    Ossie DunstanOssie DunstanMaand geleden
  • When tagging me, my friend called me his Filipinx friend. Lmao! Wtf is a Filipinx? Not to mention that Filipino itself is gender neutral.

    First of the FallenFirst of the FallenMaand geleden
  • Truth justice the American way with free speech for everyone is coming back whether they like it or not very bad day for censorship as it should be great job Donald J Trump and all Americans🙂🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗🇺🇸🙂

    Dana SleeperDana SleeperMaand geleden
  • I love how Maher is so blatantly anti trump but not afraid whatsoever to call out the Democrats on their bullshit

    Dickfoot JesusDickfoot JesusMaand geleden
  • Believing false information is like drinking too much Kool-Aid of any color or flavor. Awm

    Janice MurphyJanice MurphyMaand geleden
    • Yeh don`t matter what colour Kool-Aid is ,still rots your teeth and your gut.

      Ossie DunstanOssie DunstanMaand geleden
  • I love Bill, reminds me of George :')

    IdeIdeMaand geleden
  • If your analysis of the last election boils down to “defund the police” killed us, then I don’t even know where to begin when pointing out your stupidity. Was “defund the police” a good political move? No, not really. Although, it certainly works as a solution to police brutality. Here’s a more interesting statistic. In this election, 100% of senate and house candidates that supported Medicare for all won. It turns out the theory that it’s progressives that are so toxic to winning elections really has no actual basis in reality. What’s so toxic about the Democrat party are the center left politicians who only represent a continuation of the status quo. “Defund the police” wasn’t around in 2016, 2012, or any other time democrats lost senate or house seats or the presidency . What was around all those times was neoliberalism. The reason people don’t like center left politicians is that right when they realize that republican politicians suck is when they realize that center left politicians pretty much believe exactly the same thing. A study by came to this exact conclusion saying that the center left and the center right believe exactly the same thing on every category of policy they tested them on. This is the lesson that establishment democrats will find any excuse not to learn

    CellarDoorCellarDoorMaand geleden
  • This is fire

    Gutierrez SilvaGutierrez SilvaMaand geleden
  • As a Latino I fucking hate the word Latinx. I still wouldn’t vote democrat just because they change to latino because policy, but maybe if they chilled the fuck out and grew a pair I and many Latinos wouldn’t be dodging them like politicians kids the Vietnam draft

    Arturo VidaurriArturo VidaurriMaand geleden
  • The sad part is, Mahr is too blinded by TDS, to realize that he is speaking openly & and honestly, but to a cult...his audience was mostly silent when he got real, just eagerly waiting for the next "Orange Man Bad" joke. With credits to him, despite his TDS, he manged to stay in the actual center left like so many of us(who r now "right wingers"), while the left has gone so far left, that they've left us all behind.

    arkkk1294arkkk1294Maand geleden
  • Latinx sounds like a brand of fucking tissues

    keller blairkeller blairMaand geleden
  • Excellent and so accurate!

    jodie vukmirjodie vukmirMaand geleden
  • start the clock

    Jack E.Jack E.Maand geleden
  • FUK MAN bill maher gets to the point EVERYTIME. Democrats, you listening????!!!!!!!

    Jin YuJin YuMaand geleden
  • Bill makes a lot of sense.

    Grace BobbieGrace BobbieMaand geleden
  • Ossoff and Warnock didn't waste any time trying to appease the Twitter cry-bullies and look, Ossoff and Warnock won. Let's take that national.

    cugamercugamerMaand geleden
  • Cancle Culture

    C' Note Carlton- Rhythm House Records And JINGLESC' Note Carlton- Rhythm House Records And JINGLESMaand geleden
  • Well-said. The worst thing about being a liberal is that we eat our own. We need to show some solidarity instead of policing political correctness.

    Jason SeisloveJason SeisloveMaand geleden
  • Dude....... from a “dead center, no tribe, no cult, issue and fact” American voter, you are one of the very very few sane, thinking media persons with a national microphone. I wish there were so many more- so the real conversations that are necessary to happen for this country to move forward past this divisive horseshit, could take place. Please keep telling your truth. Bravo.

    Tony NagyTony NagyMaand geleden
  • I agree with him and I am Democrat . Some guy you know giving you a kiss on the head it is not terrible . If he kisses you on the lips then it's terrible. Stop acting like the world is coming to an end over everything !

    k bknownok bknownoMaand geleden
  • Bill Maher is so based 🔥

    christian Picconechristian PicconeMaand geleden
  • I'm conservative and I am sick of the Lifelong Party members. I am sick the establishment, once voted to office the one voted only care about their colleagues. And I sick of the corruption. Vote all new politicians. Fuck PC.

    Emanuel NamsethEmanuel NamsethMaand geleden
  • Fat shaming seriously?????

    Toni MouawadToni MouawadMaand geleden
  • Bill Maher is a sensible guy.

    Frenchmans furyFrenchmans furyMaand geleden
  • Trump was crazy but normal compared to the current state of the Democratic Party.

    isha cisha cMaand geleden
  • Biden shouldn't be kissing anyone who doesn't want that attention. I would be furious. Stop telling women that it is wrong, too emotional, or too demanding to ask that they not be touched in ways they don't want.

    Let's Discuss with ElizaLet's Discuss with ElizaMaand geleden
  • Its cause nobody likes yall and your Globalist poilicies suk for American Citizens. Bill Mahers lesson: dont say anything of substance about your policies and be PC enuff just to fool voters long enuff to vote

    P DaddyP DaddyMaand geleden
  • How does bill Maher label trump voters as kids in cages, qanon and other ridiculous things. You actually think the average grump supporter is like this? This is why people like me will never cave to voting for the left. Also remember who built those cages

    Sameer MalikSameer MalikMaand geleden
  • "we saved democracy" by stealing the election. Talk about delusional.

    Makeshift MykeMakeshift MykeMaand geleden
  • Excellent.

    Rocío AguileraRocío AguileraMaand geleden
  • Remember actual liberals like this?

    P WadeP WadeMaand geleden
  • Hooray for common sense!

    Lula ReedLula ReedMaand geleden
  • Biden didn't win the election. You'll never hear the end of it.

    Julie SteinJulie SteinMaand geleden
  • I agree with him on everything but the Biden head-kiss thing and that only partially. Yeah it shouldn't be that hard to process, but it's also not normal behavior, neither of my grandparents have kissed anyone outside family on the head, especially for support. There's a lot of other (normal) ways to show support that are more likely and defending it kinda comes off as creepy. That said- the rest was spot on. Democrats need to get out of their own way and stop with the hyper-sensitivity.

    Andrew ShepherdAndrew ShepherdMaand geleden
  • About time you got off your ass and came back to work! We missed you🥸

    Patricia RiemerPatricia RiemerMaand geleden
  • Who's here after "Amen and Women"?

    Mere MortalMere MortalMaand geleden
  • “Silence is violence and looting is not” - Best summary of the problem with the woke brigade.

    Ankita KayalAnkita KayalMaand geleden
    • If I wanted advice from those that use violence to get their way, I’d gape and let em throttle me first. Hint: I wouldn’t.

      Co-BruhCo-Bruh3 dagen geleden
    • @C S No, looting and burning is not OK. Those that did it - which included right wing agitators - were prosecuted and not one Democrat said they shouldn't have been. You need to get your head out of your ass and actually look at what the facts are instead of a narrative fed to you by Fox. The majority of the BLM protests were peaceful.

      My Pillow GuyMy Pillow Guy6 dagen geleden
    • Looting and burning down cities is okay because white supremacy is an issue and cities can be rebuilt. That's literally the logic. & the ironic and sad part is that many black owned businesses were torched.

      C SC S7 dagen geleden
  • No they are not good enough they are corrupt always have been Your confusing intelligence with hubris.... And You're right we don't like them.

    Chris TuckerChris TuckerMaand geleden
  • The coyote player was actually arrested for what he did, it wasn’t just bullying.

    Justin RolfeJustin RolfeMaand geleden
  • This guys on it

    Shane FordeShane FordeMaand geleden
  • The elegant sousaphone peroperativly welcome because wish thirdly present within a innocent quiver. unnatural, two morning

    Yolanda ShikersYolanda ShikersMaand geleden
  • God damn, he completely nailed it with this.

    Jeremy RodriguezJeremy RodriguezMaand geleden
  • God I fucking hate you. So it's suppressing how much I'm agreeing with you lately. Bravo for calling out your own parties bullshit. And you missed that one. No matter how crazy the left seems to get, no one on the left says enough is enough. That to me is the scariest thing about you all. And that fear just nearly destroyed our republic. So yes to everything you just said, and good on you for standing up now. I think this country has had about enough of extremists controlling the parties.

    SasquatchyCowboySasquatchyCowboyMaand geleden
  • This Country has thrown out Yeshua; to be honest it makes me angry. I long for the Day of his return. Many people will see their shame when the vail is removed from their eyes.

    David GildeDavid GildeMaand geleden
  • As a Republican conservative, Maher is dead right on this one. As a Republican, I was bullied as a kid, but I got over it and found ways to overcome it.

    David EbertDavid EbertMaand geleden
  • Bill was too quick to stick the boot in as the Democrats won the House, Senate, the Presidency and Trumps been impeached again!!!

    bellabanabellabanaMaand geleden
    • No, they still need a wakeup call. Trump is such a shitty person, candidate, and president that it should never have been this close THIS year let alone 2016. Especially with the impeachment trial unlikely to succeed (I'm not sure you'll get 10 republican senators to go along with the democrats), you guys need to sort out your appeal problems before the next election cycle. Typically, there's a precedent that the congress swings away from whatever party holds the white house after the midterm election and MAYBE to return back with the next presidential election.

      Andrew ShepherdAndrew ShepherdMaand geleden
  • I'd like to see Bill's reaction if Biden kisses him on the back of his head.

    brenda brookesbrenda brookesMaand geleden
  • The problem with Democrats is that they're far left on social issues and far right on economic issues. We need to be center left on both. We need a country that's a social democracy like the rest of the 1st world countries and to not be racist without seeing race everywhere.

    Layth AdrianLayth AdrianMaand geleden
  • People are too goddamn careful about what they say. Jesus everybody's going to be offended once in a while but let's bring back common sense. No wonder millions of people don't vote in the elections. Who represents persons with common sense? Probably the libertarians

    Mike SpearMike SpearMaand geleden
  • Nazis on the right, and Big Brother on the left.

    Michael WeigandMichael WeigandMaand geleden
  • There's not enough sense out there for it to be common.

    Michael WeigandMichael WeigandMaand geleden
  • Lol. Isn't he that guy that tried to flip a district from. Republican to Democratic and failed?

    Johnny MartinezJohnny MartinezMaand geleden
  • Demilitarize the police

    pkrisninpkrisninMaand geleden
  • I like the idea of leftism, but the Left in America is sheer insanity. Almost makes you long for the straightforward death-drive of the Right.

    San Fernando Valley Yacht ClubSan Fernando Valley Yacht ClubMaand geleden