New Rule: The Great Disappointment | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

20 nov. 2020
2 498 813 Weergaven

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In his final New Rule of 2020, Bill explores the striking similarities between Donald Trump and other infamous cult leaders.
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  • for over eight years I called Donald Trump was the Hell Toupee vote for him and theirs hell to pay.

    Robert MouldsRobert MouldsDag geleden
  • "Trump lost, what now"? Have you Reich wing supporters considered classic options like your historical hero Adolph and bunker up and suck on a Luger

    Tom WhyTom Why3 dagen geleden
  • @5:41 In the state of Washington, in a small town called Enumclaw...A man did just that.....but with a horse....and he died......oh and the horse did the grabbing and fucking....also the horse was male.

    ThatLooksWhiteBut_IsBlackHispanicGuyThatLooksWhiteBut_IsBlackHispanicGuy7 dagen geleden
  • They worship the Devil! Vanguard and Trump-a bunch of horny woman? It seems to me? That’s why they need religion in their life’s!

    Johnny AragonJohnny Aragon7 dagen geleden
  • Trump should be locked up 1000 years

    Jason WongJason Wong8 dagen geleden
  • Planet X is 3 times the size of Earth & 7 times as dense. It will reenter the inner solar system in 2028 then after rounding the upper backside of the Sun it will exit the inner solar system in 2032. It will cause continent-crossing tsunamis, earthquakes, & volcanic eruptions! Even the PAGAN Mayans knew about the destructive 26,540 orbits. Maybe JESUS should have consulted with them before he books his "Return Trip"?!

    FonceFonce8 dagen geleden
    • BUT! MILLER must have been a: "Dumb as DIRT" REPUBLICAN. willing to SCAM his supporters in any way POSSIBLE!

      FonceFonce8 dagen geleden
    • If MILLER had graduated Kindergarten? He would know how to ADD 6,600 LEAP YEAR days to the MAYAN date of 2012 giving the ACCURATE return of Planet X, ("End of the World") date of 2030 to MATCH our leap-year calendar.

      FonceFonce8 dagen geleden
    • Do Not Worry! If Christ misses his return "Flight"? The CIA has invested millions in creating a Holographic projector to recreate the "Return of Christ" image in the sky for everyone to see! Maybe they SHOULD have listened to the ALIENS who warned: GET RID of ALL the NUKES before Planet X: "SHOVES them UP YOUR STUPID, GREEDY ASSES!"

      FonceFonce8 dagen geleden
  • Little stretch Maher

    Travis JonesTravis Jones13 dagen geleden
  • I love jokes . but when we mix God business with earth bullshit.... I am out .

    Erik S.Erik S.14 dagen geleden
  • The people are supid

    Joycelyn BurkeJoycelyn Burke15 dagen geleden
  • Who's the more foolish, a fool , or the fool who follows him?

    BILL MURRAYBILL MURRAY15 dagen geleden
  • Graham don't realize how foolish he is...cult fools.

    M JazzM Jazz16 dagen geleden
  • ☝️like the world ending when the great al gore predicted? Or 12 years from now from the prophet aoc.

    Robert Griffith'sRobert Griffith's17 dagen geleden
    • Yeah Robert Griffiths, all of the fools who heard Gore's warning and decided that conservation of resources and the environment is important to the survival of humanity and the beauty of our planet? How awful.

      Judas DeChariotJudas DeChariot15 dagen geleden
  • Is amazing the amount of weak minded persons that live in this world.

    Doris SanchezDoris Sanchez18 dagen geleden
  • Bill is gifted, funny & likable, loves a headline & has a shallow view of reality..

    con tsitsoscon tsitsos19 dagen geleden
  • Dump trump & stop the lies...

    Gina sloanGina sloan19 dagen geleden
  • No votes Republican EVER ....

    Gina sloanGina sloan19 dagen geleden
  • Lol Republicans what dumb asses

    Gina sloanGina sloan19 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher, you are done!

    Jesus Is The Only Way to get to HeavenJesus Is The Only Way to get to Heaven19 dagen geleden
  • MIC DROP...

    123medinap123medinap19 dagen geleden
  • Can t you get some sort of support for those alligator handbags under your eyes you hustling 53rd and 3rd douche.

    Gary AginGary Agin22 dagen geleden
  • And then they staged a coup, Bill....

    SiriusMinedSiriusMined23 dagen geleden
  • There are various breeds of social rejects. But all of them are dangerous in one way or another. They love to deflect and blame their faults and problems, on the first passerby.

    David G.David G.23 dagen geleden
  • If anybody says there is no similarities between trump n vanguard u r delusional n in denial cuz they are exactly alike

    Von RoyVon Roy25 dagen geleden
  • Nixon -a president who became a crook. Trump-Crook who became president.

    Free SpeechFree Speech26 dagen geleden
  • Thanks

    Galactic WarlockGalactic Warlock26 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher, you sir are “The Great Disappointment!!!!!!!!

    Name Last nameName Last name26 dagen geleden
  • Love you Bill!!

    Laura LagonigroLaura Lagonigro26 dagen geleden
  • Bill , I love your comedy. I watch every video you make . Spoiler alert , the Bible says, no one knows when HE will return . HE’LL return like a thief in the night . So , if you accept that as a fact , then Any date some one chooses Has to be the wrong date .

    Biggwill NYCBiggwill NYC27 dagen geleden
  • How can you vote for a man that's says he's smarter than anyone, you got be nuts, only God is smarter than all living beings

    James MaxwellJames MaxwellMaand geleden
    • God😂Really?? stop beliving in fairy tales😂it's 2021 grow up.

      The HorroristThe HorroristMaand geleden
  • dont capitalize on William müller misinterpretation of Jesus and religion to market your atheism, humams shall not witness messegers of God til humans desperately beg for their help, and afterward world finally comes to thousent years of peace between humans and nature, a golden area beyond your limited tiny mind, the reason that religion is so converted is people like you and müller who integrate their own personal bullshit to the realms beyond their comprehension , in order to have some shit to talk when they are entertaining people with less information,

    ali Hzali HzMaand geleden
  • Don't forget that time that Trump incited his followers to wreak havoc and mayhem for him, which was actually just his way of getting deranged followers to enact revenge on others, and then claimed innocence, kind of like another infamous cult leader named Charlie Manson.

    Stephanie BakerStephanie BakerMaand geleden
  • You know how you get your loved one out of the occult you kill the cult leader problem solved

    Jerry BlantonJerry BlantonMaand geleden
  • ...a qoute from Edward Gibbon (The Decline of the Roman Empire), "I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect". If anything, it sure makes family gatherings more civil.

    James HallJames HallMaand geleden
  • Sorry american fellow, I respect you but this trumpesque thing went a bit to far even if it was so good to watch. It was high quality showtime looking that sweet-sour drama develop during these years, I think you deserve it as we deserved it before.

    TheGymnosofistaTheGymnosofistaMaand geleden
  • God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America. Otto von Bismarck

    Alejandro KaplanAlejandro KaplanMaand geleden
  • Catherine Oxenberg. Got to admit, I didn't see that one coming.

    David StowersDavid StowersMaand geleden
  • And MAGA dealers think dope dealers are bad... lol...

    Chad LoshChad LoshMaand geleden
  • In the one clip, former Senator Orrin Hatch appeared senile. Disappointing for a Mormon to condone a rapist.

    Toni FoxToni FoxMaand geleden
  • What are you talking about? THE LYIN' KING has lived up to everything that I thought he would be. The problem was no one would listen to me in 2016! I have a relative who needs to talk to Me. Oxenberg.

    Jeff McCreaJeff McCreaMaand geleden
  • I tell them I forgive them

    Nancy MNancy MMaand geleden
  • The psychosis seems to be widespread. All Rethuglicans.

    P SP SMaand geleden
  • That book has got to be the greatest SCI-FI book ever! 🤣😂

    PegasusPegasusMaand geleden
  • CHEATERS change the rules, Bill.

    Jason TempelJason TempelMaand geleden
  • Allsion Mack?! Chloe from Smallville? Darn that is sad. :(

    Jack HuangJack HuangMaand geleden
  • Forget Miller, Bill is the real prophet.

    Samuel MartinezSamuel MartinezMaand geleden
  • Not quite Bill. Some of the American public cannot accept BANANA REPUBLIC FIXED ELECTIONS, or the thought of the country again being sold away by the CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE LINING THEIR OWN POCKETS AT THE PEOPLE'S EXPENSE!

  • OMG! Just realized, Seth Meyers has a similar style.with Bill! The deadpan tone while spewing sarcastic remarks! Maybe Seth did learn some tricks from him🤔

    Tiara RoxeanneTiara RoxeanneMaand geleden
  • Van Guard...."COULD IT BE SATAN"? What a bunch of "A$$ HAT$"!!!!

    Loren LambertLoren LambertMaand geleden
  • Bill is amazing.....

    Irene BIrene BMaand geleden
  • "If Kamala Harris is really a lizard person, why didn't she eat that fly on Mike Pence's head?" For me the best and funniest one-liner joke of 2020! Makes me laugh every time!

    Jewish Democratic EagleJewish Democratic EagleMaand geleden
  • Isn't Bill's message of "Don't make fun of Q cultists and Trump supporters" directly contradicted by his entire show?

    Wintermute01001Wintermute01001Maand geleden
  • Smart people dont i have big brain. And never say i am smart.

    Mohamed SaidMohamed SaidMaand geleden
  • But its scary to be in front of a bunch of people when people are really MEAN

    Janae Nae13Janae Nae13Maand geleden
  • It must be noted however, that said 2,000 year old man is only 5 years older than the "cult leader".

    Paula BainPaula BainMaand geleden
  • I call stupid, stupid...

    Tom WhiteTom WhiteMaand geleden
  • Brilliant. Thank You

    Bohdan HodiakBohdan HodiakMaand geleden
  • Okay while the William Miller reference is funny as a somewhat SDA your not being 100% factual about the event. Technically his calculations were correct it was just the wrong event. I won't go on about something I myself cannot fully remember nor care to go into but it's much more then what you are suggesting and believe me SDA are nothing like Trump supporters.

    charles dawkinscharles dawkinsMaand geleden
  • Amen Bill. Your right, let them be bummed out. Do not rub it in.

    Doug DellwoDoug DellwoMaand geleden
  • This is pure hack, this is what stupid people laugh at

    JacobJacobMaand geleden
    • @Karl Karlos Cutie

      JacobJacobMaand geleden
    • Nope, that's what stupid people get angry at.

      Karl KarlosKarl KarlosMaand geleden
  • No surprise, Qanon followers are doing mental gymnastics to explain why Biden was sworn in today.

    Paul CrockettPaul CrockettMaand geleden
  • I want to be famous so i could wipe my ass like a dog on the carpet lol 😂😉🐕

    Mark VenicioMark VenicioMaand geleden
  • Hey bill Maher your funny with your Hoover nose you could sniff a dam any day lol 😁

    Mark VenicioMark VenicioMaand geleden
  • Thank you Bill! Keeping it real with Bill Maher in 2021! You’re a national treasure brother!😎👍🏾

    Theodore HaskinsTheodore HaskinsMaand geleden
  • Bill Mahar is such a hypocrite and a flip-flopper. One show he'll say you need to stop viewing half of America as deplorables just because they voted Trump, and now he says they are all in a cult. Give me a break. This guy has no consistency.

    Adam CartwrightAdam CartwrightMaand geleden
  • Jesus would never work with the corporations.

    Just Old DaveJust Old DaveMaand geleden
  • "It's easier to trick a man than to convince him he's been tricked." - Mark Twain

    niverentniverentMaand geleden
  • Really real.

    Maurice LynchMaurice LynchMaand geleden
  • Thank you goodness

    Pia Funes BakkerPia Funes BakkerMaand geleden
  • Thank you

    Pia Funes BakkerPia Funes BakkerMaand geleden
  • Have Trump, Trump , and the rest of that family and make some barrels of kool-aid and lay out front of the capital so show their loyalty for your country.

    Deb HillDeb HillMaand geleden
  • Not to mention, lots of other cult leaders whom have had women and teen girls in their possession and at the end the followers would sacrifice their lives for the leader and their leader would run away like a loser !!

    allonthis better2021allonthis better2021Maand geleden
  • None are so blind as those who will not see.

    Investing for TomorrowInvesting for TomorrowMaand geleden
  • Bill, except for the fact that you had Kelly Ann "Daffy Duck" Conway on your show, it was one of your better ones!

    Charlene LordCharlene LordMaand geleden
  • This phenomenon has been studied well. People double down when their idol gets their prediction wrong. If it’s about the end of the world. Usually it’s described saying God has given us more time to repent..

    Alison TunnyAlison TunnyMaand geleden
  • Thx Bill

    Stephen BloomStephen BloomMaand geleden
  • Thank you Bill!

    Marites AlexanderMarites AlexanderMaand geleden
  • The previous canvas sadly bolt because beauty consequentially turn onto a doubtful sphere. hurt, parallel shingle

    Yolanda ShikersYolanda ShikersMaand geleden
  • Lol so true! Good job Lindsey 👏 👍 lol

    Marites AlexanderMarites AlexanderMaand geleden
  • I’m getting deja vu. Has he done this editorial before..?

    Michael IIIMichael IIIMaand geleden
  • Ok I

    Muhammad YusafMuhammad YusafMaand geleden
  • Kudos to Bill Maher

    Lyria ThomasLyria ThomasMaand geleden
  • Why do all the people around the Orange Clown have such brown noses? Only a stable genius with a big a-brain might explain it.

    m3 talent agencym3 talent agencyMaand geleden
  • Oh my God the frustration is so real

    Diana BowlesDiana BowlesMaand geleden
  • What is all this love for stupidity, Bill? Why do I have to love Trump supporters. It’s a bridge too far.

    Julia WillyJulia WillyMaand geleden
  • You can fool a lot of the people a lot of the time. Trump is so stupid and has never read a book.

    Julia WillyJulia WillyMaand geleden
  • 😝

    Sherry HesnerSherry HesnerMaand geleden
  • Bill's been calling them idiots for years, hypocritical much

    tony55tony55Maand geleden
  • Thank you, Bill Maher. Can't wait till Wednesday! The last 4.5 years have shown us how much we need to laugh.

    Love LightLove LightMaand geleden
  • Sadly, those people drew up guns and started shooting

    개울가에물망초개울가에물망초Maand geleden
  • stand for nothing, fall for anything...christianity at its best

    JackJackMaand geleden
  • Thank you

    Farkhanda KhanFarkhanda KhanMaand geleden
  • Hi, I am Alex and I live in Paris FRANCE, and I want to tell you about a custom we have here, the one of saying "good day" and "thanks" 100 times a day, each time needed, we say it that much that it becomes instinctive, we say it at home, on public places, as transportation, theaters, with friends and colleagues, because one can dislike someone but cannot be rude. Those words that here sound: bonjour and merci, are social links between people. By repeating them all day long we exercise and cultivate the common sense, exactly what societies need these days. I wish I all good day sir/ma'am and thank you in this new year. Don't forget that you are doing it for your self, by keeping your environment clean and safe, because this is what is all about with these 2 words Bonjour et merci

    lachambre quarantesixlachambre quarantesixMaand geleden
  • well done Bill. all true then and now. but omg - 4 days from January 20, 2021 makes that innocent and hopeful time so cute, and so longed for.

    drcbeartoothsdrcbeartoothsMaand geleden
  • QAnon you are not stupid . Not

    Arturo RodriguezArturo RodriguezMaand geleden
  • Miss George C too...ohbh and the Cult of oxen/ man

    Camille DepaloCamille DepaloMaand geleden
  • Except nearly 400K people dying from a Virus which according to some people was no worse than the Flu...

    Everett AmadorEverett AmadorMaand geleden
  • Thank you for allowing us to have you f**k up our country for the last 4 years, Donnie. Do us all a favor; drink the Kool-aid

    john lyonjohn lyonMaand geleden
  • As a Former Seventh day Adventist 17 years ago. The Religion is still based on Doomsday...and some older was excited of this Pandemic because it’s part of the “Endtimes” when Jesus comes back and antichrist bs too.

    Yves CherestalYves CherestalMaand geleden
  • Amen!!!

    jrpz57jrpz57Maand geleden
  • so the solution is the equivalent of walking up the the gestapo and trying to love them out of it....that is stupid.

    Munquis DeSadeMunquis DeSadeMaand geleden