Real Time with Bill Maher: Season 19 Promo (HBO)

28 jan. 2021
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You can't cancel the truth.
Bill Maher is back with a new season of Real Time now streaming on HBO Max.

  • Because I hate liberals. I am in the process of creating my very own newspaper similar to the EPOCH TIMES. The newspaper will be called the BAYESIAN TIMES .. It is a newspaper to prove that conservative ideals are the true form of life and living and can indeed be mathematically proven to be valid which shall be based on BAYES THEOREM. The newspaper the BAYESIAN TIMES will explore extremely nerve-wreaking issues such as QANON, the election fraud, government waste, child pornography, RAPE, FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE, sex trading, prostitution, drug trade, the war on drugs, etc. The BAYESIAN TIMES will make the EPOCH TIMES look like the liberal New Yorker by comparison.. It will become the ultimate in extreme-conservative views.....

    David BluDavid Blu25 dagen geleden
  • I used to really like Real Time and Bill Maher...

    mdortmundtmdortmundt27 dagen geleden
  • I don't like his focus on "cancel culture", shunning, ostracism, excommunication, exile, and so on have always been a part of human history. Please, maybe focus on the 'puritanism' angle of that real issue instead?

    Tragoudistros.MPHTragoudistros.MPH28 dagen geleden
  • I don't like his focus on "cancel culture", shunning, ostracism, excommunication, exile, and so on have always been a part of human history. Please, maybe focus on the 'puritanism' angle of that real issue instead?

    Tragoudistros.MPHTragoudistros.MPH28 dagen geleden
  • I don't like his focus on "cancel culture", shunning, ostracism, excommunication, exile, and so on have always been a part of human history. Please, maybe focus on the 'puritanism' angle of that real issue instead?

    Tragoudistros.MPHTragoudistros.MPH28 dagen geleden
  • While you can't cancel the truth, you can most certainly co-opt it.

    Storage BoxStorage BoxMaand geleden
  • I don’t know if Bill has seen or read “How to be a liberal” by Ian Dunt. It’s not about how to be an American Democrat, certainly not an Australian Liberal, just: how to be a liberal. After you read the historical background, you find most Westerners are...whether they like it or not. Highly Recommended

    Domitius SeverusDomitius SeverusMaand geleden
  • During Biden’s inauguration his supporters came in mails...

    Alpha 119Alpha 119Maand geleden
  • That racebaiter dude with the "400 year" nonsense., dont remember his name, please leave him out man.

    blehh nahhblehh nahhMaand geleden
  • You had 2 evolutionary biologists on. Now get an evolutionary psychologist. Specifically prof Hector Garcia of Texas University. His book Alpha God is a MUST read for everyone. I suspected for a long time that that which he explains clearly, logically and scientifically, is why we are the way we are. You understand Trump, Kim Jong Un, the Queen, evangelists, cult leaders, etc., etc. Watch his interview with Aron Ra on youtube and then you will buy the book and plug it where you can. Please Bill. From a lifelong fan in one of Trumps shithole countries.

    Johann PenningJohann PenningMaand geleden
  • Bill: “you can’t cancel the truth” Trump: “hold my 12 piece bucket”

    Robot OneRobot OneMaand geleden
  • Boutique issues in aWalmart America... where culture thrives you will find democrats where education lifts up the oppressed you will find democrats

    Zippy UstarZippy UstarMaand geleden
  • Another season of center-right pretenda-left political cringe TV for boomers. Sweet, cant wait 😐

    Nicholas HazlettNicholas HazlettMaand geleden
  • Bill fears no man. He's a modern day gunslinger. Or should I say punslinger.

    thequickthinkerthequickthinkerMaand geleden
  • Yes but you can bury it beneath enough bull s*** that only intrepid people will find it. Unlike the lazy cows of fox, oan, and newsmax who need their information bottle fed to them with candy on the side

    William TempleWilliam TempleMaand geleden
  • Right on Babe! Said it out loud to my cat. lol

    LadyYoopLadyYoopMaand geleden
  • The one blue guy red pulling himself, I love it.

    Sinister1986Sinister1986Maand geleden
  • Can't wait for Bret Weinstein and Heather heying!

    acdeeiprrtacdeeiprrtMaand geleden
  • From Australia. Putin's useful idiot continues to do his master's bidding ... follow the money and the chaos ... Donald must be in line for an Order of Lenin for services too Russia.

    Roger KleemannRoger KleemannMaand geleden
  • Best political entertainment since Trump tried to say 'Yosemite '.......

    Nick PNick PMaand geleden
  • Great!

  • People

    Paul HartPaul HartMaand geleden
  • This guy is what evil looks like. He sales Hate. He absolutely hates the idea of this country ever coming together. Unless everyone agrees with him. I can't wait until his followers see right through this clown who sales hate

    spungmikespungmikeMaand geleden
  • bill can be a stubborn old man at times but he is one of the few voices on the left i can still listen to, and i admire the way he challenges his own team nearly as often as he attacks the other

    john smittyjohn smittyMaand geleden
  • You can't cancel the truth Winner

    LauraLauraMaand geleden
  • Wow ... You can't cancel the truth. You are awesome Bill. We need more people like you in each country, if we care about improving our society. Although you need to have guts to be like him...

    Nitin ShuklaNitin ShuklaMaand geleden
  • Right!!! 👍👍👍👍😎🤟

    Mike ShemMike ShemMaand geleden
  • For me, who's from Latvia, Bill is a refreshing way to see what's going on under and on the carpet of American society. Thanks for that!

    ivarioivarioMaand geleden
  • ou yea

    Dj OpaLDj OpaLMaand geleden
  • Cancel pretentious posturing.

    Steve DeasySteve DeasyMaand geleden
  • The world watches Bill. Thank you.

    gary gjlgary gjlMaand geleden
  • America isn’t a dream after all.

    Napoléon I BonaparteNapoléon I BonaparteMaand geleden
  • Lose the music, can’t hear shit!

    James BowmanJames BowmanMaand geleden
  • best show out there because it crosses the boundary between left and right, i.e., being highly critical of both. Way to go Bill! ✌️

    Jan BraunJan BraunMaand geleden
    • It's more critical of the right though.

      Sinister1986Sinister1986Maand geleden
  • What are you guys going to do without Trump? Guess there will be a new bad guy. My suggestion is the uniparty that has run the US since the assassination of JFK. That's right folks, democrats used to stand up to power. Sorry that Trump did that as a Republican, but it's an illusory distinction anyway. Bill Maher is putting you to sleep. Telling you that you know what's going on. Mitch mcconnell is as different to Trump as is a dandelion. Please look deeper. The entire world needs it.

    Matt HornerMatt HornerMaand geleden
  • Kid Love Productions ? Hard Pass.

    Home of The FreeHome of The FreeMaand geleden
  • So it’s the same promo as before, but without Grandson in the background?

    Laura RosalesLaura RosalesMaand geleden
  • You big tease. Its a promo.

    Maria CollsMaria CollsMaand geleden
  • Bring on the Lincoln Project Bill.

    JM VandyJM VandyMaand geleden
  • America is 23 in education. 25 in democracy index. 34 in raising a family index. 37 in healthcare. No high speed train. Highest number of homeless people. Highest number of incarcerated people. 78% of people live paycheck to paycheck. Stock market is not economy of Americans, where 90% of money belongs to top 10% of population, it's wallet of the rich! Let's talk like adults, instead of name calling! I have left ample of proof on my playlist, if you would like to check. Let's make our country better together.. . .... ..

    Ronan BrodrickRonan BrodrickMaand geleden
  • Of course you can cancel the truth. Just look at the Republican's 🙈🙊🙉

    fd svenssonfd svenssonMaand geleden
  • Keep speaking truth to power. And to the powerless.

    New MessageNew MessageMaand geleden
  • Nixon corrupted so that Trump could insurrect

    Noah Aubrey Linus SorensenNoah Aubrey Linus SorensenMaand geleden
  • I wonder how Bill Maher would feel if I told him he's my God. I have a feeling he'd probably tell me to go f*** myself, then lit up a joint and pass it on to me. 😂 I LOVE YOU BILL!!!!

    Erich CostaErich CostaMaand geleden
  • Can you believe that Biden wants to go from 15,000 to 125,000 refugees into our country that's already falling apart and getting sicker by the moment. Shouldn't he be focusing on the important things like getting Covid19 under control, and everything else that goes along with that. Take sometime and let us heal before bringing in more people unemployed, sick ,starving and HOMELESS. Really???? Smh.

    Stacey harrisStacey harrisMaand geleden
  • I wish we had someone as honest as you in Australia.

    Simone ContiSimone ContiMaand geleden
  • Unfortunately we're living in the age of 'alternative truths/facts and 'trials by Twitter'.

    Demigod1 01Demigod1 01Maand geleden
    • @Demigod1 01 I feel like you are having an entirely different conversation with a different person, but keep quoting me. We live in a society of laws. innocent until proven guilty. no consequences until proven guilty. I am talking about cancel culture and innocent cops who make good shoots who lose their jobs and get charged because the guy shooting at them was black, you are somehow bringing up the capitol riots in a completely irrelevant take.

      AzzReaper GoDzAzzReaper GoDzMaand geleden
    • @AzzReaper GoDz Geezus, Exhibit A) Trump incited the riot/insurrection on the Capitol in an attempt at a coup and overthrow democracy! PROOF? It was caught on cAmErA in real time! Do you need a public paid, full-on investigation/enquiry over it and a thousand lawyers?? 🙄 He is a traitor. You know what they did to traitors and seditionists back in the day?

      Demigod1 01Demigod1 01Maand geleden
    • @Demigod1 01 problem with saying "no dusting for fingerprints" because it is 2021 is simple. You have e to dust for fingerprints and prove it. The entire point of innocent until proven guilty is a fundamental idea and backbone of North America so that innocent people cannot be ruined by mere allegations and accusations without due process.

      AzzReaper GoDzAzzReaper GoDzMaand geleden
    • @AzzReaper GoDz It's 2021 and we're not dusting for fingerprints here 😑 I believe in cancelling ANYONE in office who puts their own self serving interest ahead of the public's interests. This populist state/agenda needs to end. Re Maher and JP, you're not getting any argument there. JP is Canada's pride 🇨🇦

      Demigod1 01Demigod1 01Maand geleden
    • @Demigod1 01 sure if we go by american law. Which means innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and convicted in a court of law. There is a reason the left was the champion of free speech 40 years ago. Whoever is in power and controlling media outlets Bill Maher is among the best democrats. Because he represents the good and stands up to cancel culture and will call his party out when they do wrong. He understand people like jordan peterson are also closer to center than the masses portray and considers JP a beacon on common sense

      AzzReaper GoDzAzzReaper GoDzMaand geleden
  • “A left-wing power grab otherwise known as an election” 😂😂

    Pete WestPete WestMaand geleden
    • @Isaac LeillhikarNo shiat Batman. I’m laughing at the addition of, “otherwise known as an election”. You don’t play at social media much do you? 😉

      Pete WestPete WestMaand geleden
    • Dude is it actually a Trump quote, "Left-wing power grab"??

      Isaac LeillhikarIsaac LeillhikarMaand geleden
  • Keep it UUUUPPP Mr. Bill Maher!! Truth be KNOWN!!! Want more videos!!! ❤😑💜😊

    Julie BradenJulie BradenMaand geleden
  • The USA is shuffling chairs on a titanic.

    Useful EaterUseful EaterMaand geleden
    • Keeping it real

      Chris SullivanChris SullivanMaand geleden
  • i like bill. but that tagline sounds like something alex jones would say

    lukassnakemanlukassnakemanMaand geleden
    • Or Qanon

      Demigod1 01Demigod1 01Maand geleden
  • Will Steve Bannon or Ben Shapiro be back?

    Mr. XMr. XMaand geleden
  • Great promo. That Bannon burn though... 🔥 😆

    T MackieT MackieMaand geleden
  • "You can't cancel the truth." Really? Are you sure? How many genders are there? Can children consent? If you decide they can and give them life changing surgeries to remove body parts, are you a monster? Now it is so in vogue to be identified as a group rather than as an individual, can you mention all true statistics about those groups?

    William VorkosiganWilliam VorkosiganMaand geleden
  • bullying lying is the American way...the world know's for a very long time...

    claude bujoldclaude bujoldMaand geleden
  • How do they get that many clips from the future. I’m sure I don’t understand what’s happening or maybe these are old clips? They can’t be recording that far in advance. I just don’t get it.

    Eric StearleyEric StearleyMaand geleden
    • Old clips. The Bannon one is for sure.

      elegantgypsy roseelegantgypsy roseMaand geleden
  • Can't wait

    Random AtomizerRandom AtomizerMaand geleden
  • Bill keeps this Australian informed on what’s what across the pond. Thanks Bill!

    S KS KMaand geleden
  • cuss a lot.. jus, do it.

    Brian JenningsBrian JenningsMaand geleden
  • still waiting for Bill to talk about liberal incompetent like Andrew Cuomo, who is responsible for thousands of nursing home deaths, had the gall to write a book of self praise about leadership? he covered up and stonewalled the release of the nursing home stats, and just got exposed by the NY AG, a fellow democrat. BTW, the vampire state was running a $6 Billion deficit, before the covid virus hit. no wonder people and jobs , over hundreds of thpusands, have fled NY. Cuomo should be voted the realator of the year in Florida. 🧐🤔🙄😂🤣

    JRSJRSMaand geleden
  • So glad you're back. Someone said you were retiring, and it made me very sad.

    Angelia Parker-SavageAngelia Parker-SavageMaand geleden
  • ahhh a 1080p trailer for a 720p show yeah yeah I know I'm repeating myself but guys seriously. what's the big rocket science about it? :D

    Lu GerLu GerMaand geleden
  • "I wish we had someone as evil as you on our side", fuckin classic!

    Derek MullingDerek MullingMaand geleden
    • @Anthony Maffrett #MoscowMitch

      JohonnacJohonnacMaand geleden
    • @JRS Not even close.

      Penny HollifieldPenny HollifieldMaand geleden
    • Pelosi

      Anthony MaffrettAnthony MaffrettMaand geleden
    • @JRS are you high? All of them combined aren't as evil as most of the Republicans now! Look how they're letting trump get away with attempting to overthrow our government! And believe me i wish like hell the democrats were more evil, then they might actually stop putting up with Republicans bullshit!

      Derek MullingDerek MullingMaand geleden
    • you have Marie Antonnette Pelosi, Chinese Nookie Swalwell , and Adam Schiff4brains. 🙄😂🤣

      JRSJRSMaand geleden
  • Yes......................PS, My like was 666. I feel blessed.

    eric pohlmaneric pohlmanMaand geleden
  • Why is Bill Maher always right? Dammit Man make one mistake just one 🙏

    Janina CarterJanina CarterMaand geleden
  • Bill is the only reason I have HBO.. I have followed him since Politically Incorrect a few decades ago. My then husband hated him and he would leave the room so we didn't fight. We divorced for many reasons. Bill is intelligent and a graduate of Cornel University. I will keep paying for HBO as long as Bill is on. When he is gone I am gone too.

    Sharon ConwaySharon ConwayMaand geleden
  • "Democrats losing elections." I wish! Black and Mexican people have more children, and they multiply faster. So Democrats will keep winning. Not to mention immigrants are Democrat. It's over, the country is yours. Enjoy the high taxes and socialism. Fill out 39 forms and go through a two-year permitting process to get a chihuahua, if it gets approved. Just don't try to come for our guns or we'll start sh0oting.

    Julian T.Julian T.Maand geleden
  • They'll never stop talking about Trump. The left is fucking obsessed

    MarkMarkMaand geleden
  • My name is Ray McManovich. I have no subscribers.

    Mid-Night Son 2021Mid-Night Son 2021Maand geleden
  • Streaming on hbomax? Come on

    shadow of bostonshadow of bostonMaand geleden
  • You can’t cancel the truth! Donald Trump ‘Hold my beer’

    Karen CampbellKaren CampbellMaand geleden
    • Tell that to the swamp, video evidence and they still call it fair.

      Sinister1986Sinister1986Maand geleden
  • Whatever. Shut up, Bill. And thank your state politicos that they're so cozy with their entertainment cronies as to give you special treatment to do your thing while locking down the others hard.

    Julian T.Julian T.Maand geleden
  • Seems to me truth has, is, and will continue to be cancelled.

    Caper. hereCaper. hereMaand geleden
  • So, you're still going with the I hate President Trump platform for another season?

    Mick J McFlynningtonMick J McFlynningtonMaand geleden
  • Funny how Trump cultists whine on national tv all the time about "cancel culture" and yet, if you go the the treason hq website you will not only see the self-radicalization at it's worst and be deeply disturbed about the chances of democracy succeeding with all these people, but if you create an account and speak badly about the Dear Leader they kick you out!

    Brett S.Brett S.Maand geleden
  • Bill has to start getting better guests like he used to have.

    batgurrlbatgurrlMaand geleden
    • @The Epstein Diaries troll

      batgurrlbatgurrlMaand geleden
    • @batgurrl yeah, they're all freaks

      The Epstein DiariesThe Epstein DiariesMaand geleden
    • @The Epstein Diaries I’m thinking about endless political people like Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders, Malcolm Nance, several hosts from MSNBC or even CNN Other people he had on a regular basis like current Governors, Senators, Congress people. Former ambassadors, former senators etc etc

      batgurrlbatgurrlMaand geleden
    • @The Epstein Diaries He’s in hiding

      Chris SullivanChris SullivanMaand geleden
    • How bout Tom Hanks

      The Epstein DiariesThe Epstein DiariesMaand geleden
  • Wow so much real. Too much

    Rivers CuomoRivers CuomoMaand geleden
  • Oh yessss...medicine is here! :-) anxious and ready

    Pilar GonzálezPilar GonzálezMaand geleden
  • Ok, loving yourself too much.

    Mid-Night Son 2021Mid-Night Son 2021Maand geleden
  • “To those who can hear me ,I say do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed -the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass , and dictators die , and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die , Liberty will never perish” ... -Charlie Chaplin Congratulations to the President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris .

    Carl MoragneCarl MoragneMaand geleden
    • Great quote here and relevant still. Some things never change. Thank you!

      Karen McCarrellKaren McCarrellMaand geleden
  • Bill, can you get someone to talk about the EX 'S access to the Pres. Daily Briefing Still? He can use it whether or not he reads it...sales?

    Karen BonnivierKaren BonnivierMaand geleden
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    Asim MalikAsim MalikMaand geleden
  • I love Bill. He has a black belt in sarcastic condescension, and I'm not complaining.

    Jo PoJo PoMaand geleden
    • Nice to see you here Jo Po! I miss you from the JRE

      MannyMannyMaand geleden
    • That's a great description !! Love it.. (-: (-:

      Martina McDonaghMartina McDonaghMaand geleden
    • It’s kinda sad Bill and Jon Stewart are a lot smarter and wiser than any of our “top tier” politicians - Dem or Republican.

      Pete WestPete WestMaand geleden
    • Me Too

      Phyllis LowePhyllis LoweMaand geleden
  • Bill you’re the reason Republicans drink moonshine

    Chris SullivanChris SullivanMaand geleden
    • @Chris Sullivan : If you don't have a cat handy get yourself some of those mouse baits at the garden department at Home Depot. Good Luck.

      James HarrisJames HarrisMaand geleden
    • @James Harris I would love to deal with you right now but we’re dealing with a mouse in the house

      Chris SullivanChris SullivanMaand geleden
    • @Chris Sullivan : You have me confused with someone else. I usually don't talk about heaven.

      James HarrisJames HarrisMaand geleden
    • @James Harris Talk about heaven Joe Biden he saved us from coronavirus

      Chris SullivanChris SullivanMaand geleden
    • Republicans who drink moonshine probably don't watch Bill, or own computers, or go to the bathroom indoors. :-)

      James HarrisJames HarrisMaand geleden
  • "getting cancelled",... it's not wrong to just not want to watch or listen to a person after finding something out about them,... that person crying about it is just pathetic,... go bus tables, I don't give a fuck, that someone famous has to once get treated like everybody else.

    MichaelD WalkerMichaelD WalkerMaand geleden
    • Problem is, its not just famous people. Good cops who made good textbook good shoots get vilified because of non contextual 30 second videos and assumptions.

      AzzReaper GoDzAzzReaper GoDzMaand geleden
  • Man I gotta say, Bill is the man. Thanks for keeping it real!

    Surfer Dog03Surfer Dog03Maand geleden
  • I live in the UK and, every Saturday morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is find a full episode post for Real Time on NLworld! Don't agree with everything Bill says BUT... I love him! Also, can we please have HBO max in the UK soon please?

    Listiano CroweListiano CroweMaand geleden
    • @Listiano Crowe gotcha 👍 good looking out

      Tbone SteakTbone SteakMaand geleden
    • @Tbone Steak Just make sure you put the full date in too otherwise it gets messy.

      Listiano CroweListiano CroweMaand geleden
    • @Listiano Crowe just look up “ full episodes of Bill Maher “ ? I’m in same time zone as England. Thank you for the info and the response !!

      Tbone SteakTbone SteakMaand geleden
    • @Tbone Steak Some people put the whole episodes up for a few hours after the show finishes. I get until about 10:00am before they get taken down in the UK. Otherwise I have to wait until Tuesday on Sky comedy.

      Listiano CroweListiano CroweMaand geleden
    • @Surfer Dog03 I'll check it out. Thanks. 👍

      Listiano CroweListiano CroweMaand geleden
  • Bill, John Oliver and Trevor Noah. Keeping it real.

    DanP DDanP DMaand geleden
  • Orange-man-bad

    lennart kaiserlennart kaiserMaand geleden
    • @Sharky165 Yeah, I stopped watching a couple of years ago. I watched this thinking maybe they'd moved on. But no.

      Mick J McFlynningtonMick J McFlynningtonMaand geleden
    • @Mick J McFlynnington Then don't watch. Problem solved.

      Sharky165Sharky165Maand geleden
    • @Sharky165 I'm bored of it dominating Real Time for the past four years.

      Mick J McFlynningtonMick J McFlynningtonMaand geleden
    • Yeah, he's _indeed_ a miserable POS. Your point ??

      Sharky165Sharky165Maand geleden
    • I know, right ? It's so played. Let it go.

      Mick J McFlynningtonMick J McFlynningtonMaand geleden
  • Interview. Bill Clintons biracial son. He lives in Arkansas

    Chris SullivanChris SullivanMaand geleden
  • Bill Maher is educated..

    justineahonongajustineahonongaMaand geleden
    • All the comedians steal his jokes

      Chris SullivanChris SullivanMaand geleden
  • Bill Maher has integrity and perseverance that is unique in this industry.

    bargh70bargh70Maand geleden
  • Just for Bill, got my HBO then off when Bill is off :)

    Divine* FeminineDivine* FeminineMaand geleden
    • @Dani who's John Oliver?

      Greg BruceGreg BruceMaand geleden
    • John Oliver's is amazing

      DaniDaniMaand geleden
  • Absolutely love him!!

    JANETJANETMaand geleden
  • You can’t cancel the truth!!!!! FACTS 😉

    D MorganD MorganMaand geleden
    • @The Epstein Diaries Some sure try, don't they!

      musiclover memusiclover meMaand geleden
    • You sure?

      The Epstein DiariesThe Epstein DiariesMaand geleden
  • Can't wait!

    Dr. CryptoDr. CryptoMaand geleden
  • It'll be great when the Covid pandemic is over so Maher, his audience, and 2 of his guests can all team up against 1 conservative/Republican panelist again.

    korrdxlkorrdxlMaand geleden
    • If the Reds spoke the truth, it wouldn't matter how many fewer of them were on the panel. FYI.

      Maloy AudyMaloy AudyMaand geleden
  • The truth gets canceled plenty unfortunately

    hystathystatMaand geleden
  • Well... the good news is that HE left "Nixon shamed walked" out the back of the WH and didn't make a big deal out of leaving the WH...

    S1L3NT G4M3RS1L3NT G4M3RMaand geleden
  • '3rd most democratic country in North America.' 😂

    De CamDe CamMaand geleden
    • Since I am Mexican we don't compete with the USA in deceit. At least there we know well who are we dealing with.

      George FurmanGeorge FurmanMaand geleden
    • @Lubomír Grund Who does

      Kevin Alonso Salazar SandíKevin Alonso Salazar SandíMaand geleden
    • *if you do not count the carribean as NA

      Lubomír GrundLubomír GrundMaand geleden