Right-Wing Twitter | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

16 nov. 2020
587 960 Weergaven

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Max Brooks and Caitlin Flanagan join Bill to discuss the growing popularity of the Parler social media app in conservative circles.
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  • we do not need you,, wake up,,,

    Lily PanayottiLily Panayotti14 dagen geleden
  • he did. I loved you , and now I do not know if I ever did , jajajajaj

    Lily PanayottiLily Panayotti14 dagen geleden
  • People have different perspectives and solutions for the brainwashed Republicans that are not disposable. They believe what they believe because of brainwashing and they want to believe it. It’s gonna take a long time, but, obviously we have to abduct and deprogram them in shifts!

    Benjamin StubblefieldBenjamin Stubblefield17 dagen geleden
  • something to mull over: someone please find me a example where soneone on the right was "cancelled" for tweeting things like conservative Tax, economic, or budget policies. show me where someone got cancelled because they proposed a conservative-oriented way to combat Covid-19. youre not going to be able to. because people are not "cancelled" for political policy ideas. they are cancelled for spreading lies about things like vaccines, the virus, the election, etc. or for promoting bigoted speech agaisnt trans, or minority communities. this is whats telling about the current conservative climate. they arent mad that they cant propose and discuss policy and how to run this nation. they are mad they are being called out on promoting lies and insulting groups of people. they are fighting right now for the "freedom" to lie all they want or put down any group they care to.

    JabroniJabroni19 dagen geleden
  • Republicans have turned into snowflakes. The irony...

    KisamaKisama23 dagen geleden

    Sang NamSang NamMaand geleden
  • If you lie, you pay.

    andrea renee smith-hallandrea renee smith-hallMaand geleden
  • This didn't age well.

    Carl AuclairCarl AuclairMaand geleden
  • The right needs to realize not everybody shares their point of view and doesn't want to promote them. They can start their own media. I'm so sick of the BS from right wingers and conservatives, and it's obvious most other people are as well. Start your own media

    All Night RockerAll Night RockerMaand geleden
  • You know the left is a fascist faction of the country when they have deemed free speech as “right wing.”

    Snipez4FacesSnipez4FacesMaand geleden
  • Disagree. This isn't partisanship. This is reality vs fantasy. Acknowledging the punch-in-the-face obviousness of the horror of a Trump second term does not make one partisan. It makes one a rational human. To think otherwise is to buy into the right-wing propaganda that anything that doesn't agree with them is communist socialist Nazi BLM terrorist leftist. It's bullshit labeling.

    Rick KastenRick KastenMaand geleden
  • The news is now a product that is marketed. It's only going to get worse because money and influence are now more important than the facts.

    M. C.M. C.Maand geleden
  • Nonsense. Being upset that an openly and demonstrably corrupt administration may be en route to extended incumbency is something any citizen can reasonably find upsetting - right or left. Should those same news anchors not show emotion over devastating natural disasters? Both create real and objectively observable difficulty irrespective of party affiliation. Genuinely patriotic conservatives should've been crying too.

    kmg4374kmg4374Maand geleden
  • Everyone read Hate Inc by Matt Taibbi to really learn about today's media and how it's tearing us apart.

    Horror KnightHorror KnightMaand geleden
  • That last point is ridiculous, mainstream media just seems left because right wingers are totally out of touch with reality

    V1deo.Hunter.DV1deo.Hunter.DMaand geleden
  • I think the Biden Justice Department needs to take a look a the 'everything goes' attitude of right wing radio and tv. They have, for upwards of 20 years, been spouting all kind of falsehoods, conspiracies which have poisoned the minds of lesser individuals, to the point of pushing them to act mindlessly like the terrorist attack on the Capitol.

    hottpokerhottpokerMaand geleden
  • honestly i dont want to be online with cop killers ..the right wing has perverted everything just to gain some advantage they no longer have ..this past the point of someone trying to trigger a response from someone .the right wing "opinion" gets people killed billy ..you know it as well as i ...let them go and have their web sites ..i hope who ever hosts those lunatics has great lawyers and great ability to payout from the civil suits ..NO QUARTER ..EVER FOR THE GOP..SCREW THEIR UNITY ..EYE FOR A EYE

    Fred HoffmanFred HoffmanMaand geleden
  • Thankyou, TYT!

    larry thayerlarry thayerMaand geleden
  • Now when someone wants to go to a platform that won't shadow ban you, censor you or even thrown you off it, it's "right wing". Bill m is a slag

    Antony HudsonAntony HudsonMaand geleden
  • Information could originate from Muscovite trolling farms and Trump supporters WOULDN'T care.

    MediaWatchDawgMediaWatchDawgMaand geleden
  • Ah, I see we still haven't learned our lesson, still blaming the left for the far-right's behavior.

    afonsordsafonsordsMaand geleden
  • But Fox won’t be unbiased. It’s not their business model.

    Todd SmithTodd SmithMaand geleden
  • I never have anything to say to the right F-em all

    James TaaffeJames TaaffeMaand geleden
  • ...........the "liberal" newscasters are biased towards considering people who dont look like them to be people.............if you want to get rid of the "liberal bias" then newscasters have to fucking go to places no decent person should want to go. this whole segment is ridiculous. I dont want my news to abandon the "bias" of acknowledging that the right wing and it's media use the language of the German Aktion T4 program when talking about the people dying of Corona. I don't want my news to abandon the "bias" of considering people who dont like them to be human beings. That's what this segment is calling for.

    jim bjim bMaand geleden
  • There is no social media cure. People need to be prevented from using these platforms for political speech. Force political speech back into the light and things will change quickly. No profiles accept your real name. Registered with real information. People will be forced to own what they say.

    kevin Coxkevin CoxMaand geleden
  • Ok, that was dumb.

    TulsawillieTulsawillieMaand geleden
  • Trump's gravy seals can't tell fact from fiction

    Jacob JorgensonJacob JorgensonMaand geleden
  • Get rid of 24 hour news period.

    Doctor FeinstoneDoctor FeinstoneMaand geleden
  • Right wing twitter is full of threats of violence and intimidation. That’s what the right has left when they ran out of ideas. Authoritarianism.

    Troll AccountTroll AccountMaand geleden
  • And now the Left internet has banned Parler. It is clear that the US is drifting further apart than ever before cause the Left and its media are doing exactly what they always do. By hypocrites and say one thing "Lets unite" but then do the complete opposite and then lay the blame on others. I think people are not wrong in thinking their freedom of speech and first amendment is gonna be taken away from them. How many years more will they keep blaming Trump when it all falls apart over the next 4 years?

    gutz1981gutz1981Maand geleden
  • So the news is supposed to lie so magas will watch. That's what she's saying.

    Justin BrazeltonJustin BrazeltonMaand geleden
  • The internet is our downfall. Social media via internet to be exact. Before we just lived our lives. Now our lives is defending our position on chat forums.

    Justin BrazeltonJustin BrazeltonMaand geleden
    • @Eddie K that was a mouthful. So, what is your plan, opinion on the path society is on? I was a bit short with you earlier. I agree that we should be looking for a solution. But it's a delicate matter at hand.

      Justin BrazeltonJustin BrazeltonMaand geleden
    • @Justin Brazelton Apparently, to you, any disagreement such as mine, is a cause for immediately shutting the medium of communication in which the message is delivered. Instead of attacking the medium, why not find ways to manage the medium? I'm actually looking for solutions by engaging in a discussion but apparently you just want to deflect and seemingly, just prefer censorship and control or even more drastically, ignoring the issue. What you seem to want is, ONLY you get to voice your opinion and anything that might be an opposition of that, is worthy of closure or blocking. I didn't prove anything for you because you have no point that is worthy of being tested. If you can't defend your idea or opinion, then don't use the comment section to state them only to complain when you get a dissenting viewpoint. The nature of the comment section is for discussions to thrive and ideas to be bandied about.

      Eddie KEddie KMaand geleden
    • @Eddie K you prove my point

      Justin BrazeltonJustin BrazeltonMaand geleden
    • Are you complaining about technology? Did you complain about Roads and highways when there were accidents? Stop whining and contribute by looking for solutions to manage the inevitable issues that come up with anything new.

      Eddie KEddie KMaand geleden
  • Fox news precipitated the bias by openly vieing for the conservative viewpoint. other news programs at the time presented the news without bias while fox consistently put forth a right wing view as a major news broadcaster and online right wing media were already developing a following. Other news broadcasters began moving left to position themselves as the antithesis of the right wing bully pulpits of media like fox, breitbart, et al.

    Dave TuttleDave TuttleMaand geleden
  • Democrats love censorship. Republicans love freedom. What do you love?

    Paul BellPaul BellMaand geleden
    • I don’t think you’re correctly assessing the situation. Republicans love freedom...unless it’s the freedom to smoke pot, gay marriage, not be shot by automatic rifles, access to healthcare, the wealthy paying the same marginal tax rate as the rest of us....oh, and that “censorship” word you brought up; Republicans sure freak the FUCK out at swear words and nudity on tv and have been at the frontlines to make sure it doesn’t corrupt our poor children. So, to be absolutely fair to you my friend, fuck the Democrats also. They can’t govern themselves out of an open paper bag, they spend just as bad as Republicans, they have smug attitudes about the environmental issues when they’re just as much part of the problem and not realizing they are just as intolerant/bigoted as any so called “racist”. We all deserve one another because no one works to find solutions. Hugs and kisses!

      The Lost OneThe Lost OneMaand geleden
  • It's not right-wing twitter, it's just " right", that's all. Big tech establishment owned media maniacs, you guys are like the Dominion software. The Dems don't need successful campaigns, they don't need to win Florida. The Dems always win elections anyway with the magic voter fraud Dominion slot machine, put a vote in and it spins in favor of ccp Joe, the house always wins. Are you guys administered by foreign servers? Tell the truth, it's one of your mission, unless you have to back up criminal Joe's ass. There were foreign interferences in the elections. Only that single claim would have lawfully canceled the election. But not a single juridiction has endorsed a single claim because heads of states were the protagonists of the voter fraud. Those bureaucratic aristocrats had so much to lose not abiding by big tech/establishment globalist cancel culture agenda. Nowhere justice has been made. Is that America? The land of the free that shouldn't bow in front of any type of aristocracy. If no justice could be made in the US, where could it be made? In Africa? In Asia? Tell corporate YOU SUCK as FUCK!

    Fabien FaivreFabien FaivreMaand geleden
  • Igor from Kaliningrad here. That was uncalled for.

    Андрей МурадянАндрей МурадянMaand geleden
    • Привет, Андрей!

      Alibay ZamatAlibay ZamatMaand geleden
    • clearly ahah I'd love to go to Kaliningrad one day actually

      dEcmircEddEcmircEdMaand geleden
    • Not as long as you are being honest with who you are Igor

      maggie spillanemaggie spillaneMaand geleden
  • Maybe we should all spend less time fixed on stories that were designed to screw with our feelings in the first place? Letting go sure helped me get some sanity back! Everyone wants to hear what feels good, that’ll never change.

    AdamAdamMaand geleden
  • The media is all left? Hahaha

    Space WizardSpace WizardMaand geleden
  • Facebook and Twitter can go back to what they were designed to do ......Cyberbullying copyright infringements and supplying.pornography to minors

    Happy FunsterHappy FunsterMaand geleden
  • News has never neutral or bipartisan in this country. Stop believing it ever was.

    Stefan RijosStefan RijosMaand geleden
  • And now the left wing corporations, Google, Apple, and Amazon, has cancelled Parler with lies and bullshit.

    Axe PagodeAxe PagodeMaand geleden
  • If you're interested in fixing the issue of political polarization then push states to replace partisan primaries with open top-four primaries for state executive, state legislative, and congressional offices; and establish ranked-choice voting for general elections, including the presidential election, in which voters would rank the candidates. This would dramatically lower the pressure on politicians to run to the fringes to get elected in primaries.

    TheTrueObelusTheTrueObelusMaand geleden
  • I notice that people always uses the left as an excuse for the right's disposition, therefore it's the left that should change their ways, the right is going to be who they are, so we're not going to expect them to change their ways. Why do you think what happened in the Capitol happened? They have been given a pass every since before reconstruction and for some reason their white privilege isn't enough for them anymore, they want complete power and subjugation for everyone else. The "boys will be boys", style of dealing with hate groups is imminent threat to the sovereignty of the United States, and if they are allowed to flourish without constraint, the Capitol is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Sojo TruthSojo TruthMaand geleden
  • Sorry but NO! What we need is to KNOW the same TRUTHS There are how many voters. There are how many ballots. Who got the most votes. MOST VOTES WINS. FACTS are FACTS. There ARE NOT TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY. trump and his supporters CREATED the lies.

    Jeff SaginawJeff SaginawMaand geleden
  • What is parler? Nothing anymore

    John PeterJohn PeterMaand geleden
  • Even Sergey and Igor are entitled to their opinion....;-)

    bob greenbob greenMaand geleden
  • January 2021

    Majid BayaziMajid BayaziMaand geleden
  • Say something true. We can’t just allow you to lie. Is that what freedom of speech was created for? The right is delusional. It’s not even close. They had to admit they weren’t news. How do you handle that?

    Beau CulbersonBeau CulbersonMaand geleden
  • Try getting a president who first out of his mouth says the media is the enemy of the people

    DonaldDonaldMaand geleden
  • Ya know maybe it's not the news organizations that should grow up but the people who digest it that should. And I get it not everyone is educated enough or interested enough to invest in critical thinking and dissect and absorb information in a constructive manner...but maybe they should start learning how. There has always been bias in the news for peaks sakes, being produced along solid well thought out journalism, so people have to grow up and learn how to digest information. You can spend so much time blaming others but at some point you are going to to have to start looking at yourself as the one to blame.

    Nelson CNelson CMaand geleden
  • This aged well.

    spencer thomasspencer thomasMaand geleden
  • What a dump group of people 🤢🤮 They want China and other authoritarian regimes to easily track every critics on social media with their dumb suggestions.

    DuranDuranMaand geleden
  • Just saw this video. I wish there were unbiased news.

    Jack RyJack RyMaand geleden
  • They want the media to coddle racists? Birthers? Nazis? Jim Crow separatists? Because THAT is the American Right.

    Tee JayeTee JayeMaand geleden
  • ‪Trump / GOP are calling for healing / Unity but they don’t really mean it because the only way to heal the country after a close / emotional elections is for the losing candidate to Concede / congratulate his opponent and tell his supports / voters we have a new president‬ and we all should want / help him succeed

    James Bond 007James Bond 007Maand geleden
  • This is why I support the return of the fairness doctrine!!

    Cheryl and Tim WidenerCheryl and Tim WidenerMaand geleden
  • Michelle Pfeiffer, I thought for a moment. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

    jazzy sophiejazzy sophieMaand geleden
  • Lol when regular internet says you are crazy then your are too far gone for profession help

    Joe VeitchJoe VeitchMaand geleden
  • It’s almost as if those in power realised this is the perfect way to divide the country.

    ShiggystardustShiggystardustMaand geleden
  • Enough with this NYT being a “leftist” news outlet. They’re owned by major corporations which - maybe it’s news to you - are run by rich people who have no interest in turning the nation into a communist nirvana. This is so tiring and annoying.

    Ping PongPing PongMaand geleden
  • This is over a month old and it’s already dated

    John johnJohn johnMaand geleden
  • Do you know what Parler is? I’m here after the MAGGAT TERRORIST ATTACK. YES, we all know what it is and it is soon to be dead.

    Gen MGen MMaand geleden
  • Well... Bill Maher GOT KICKED OOFF from Parler. :)

    Sang NamSang NamMaand geleden
  • Well now they banned parler

    Percy MiltonPercy MiltonMaand geleden
  • The news casters in the 50's and 60's were bound by an ethic, "Report the news and not be the news". That does not exist anymore. Everything is ratings which equate to dollars. The country was shocked when Walter Cronkite stated in the evening news that he could no longer support the war in Viet Nam and it was unwinable. Pres. Johnson knew that the support of the American people for the war would plummet. I think he said that was a reason he did not run for another term. It was groundbreaking when Cronkite did this, up to that point it was unheard of. The evening news in the 60's would have a presenter that would give an opinion. Eric Sevareide was the opinion speaker for CBS news. Some of his viewpoints were quite stinging. It left the news casters to report the news. nlworld.info/key/video/paZjhM_En4uaaYQ Cronkite's Viet Nam speech. Back then you could believe the news. Not now. Now I have to cross check a topic to see if what was reported was true.

    J BJ BMaand geleden
  • watching this on January 10th 2021 and ...wow.

    IaiaspotIaiaspotMaand geleden
  • Interesting case study on the ingredients listed on foods.... in many cases it increased the intake. When calories were added, it had the same effect. Outcomes seldom align with intentions.

    Wes JonesWes JonesMaand geleden
  • Parler’s existence, as well as its popularity needs to be a wake up call to Facebook, and Twitter, as well as those on the left, that they are not hearing all sides...and THAT is what causes this divide.

    Wes JonesWes JonesMaand geleden
  • We see different news, yes, which is also why vast numbers of democrats think Russia hacked the 2016 election for Trump. The coin lands both ways.

    m0ose0909m0ose09092 maanden geleden
  • wow for a bill maher audience this set of comments shows an unbelievably low level of understanding of politics. damn.

    Brian MulhallBrian Mulhall2 maanden geleden
  • It's not just censoring of conservatives. Facebook has announced to censor all information on Covid-19 that goes against what the WHO says. We know for a fact that the WHO lied to our faces and repeated lies from the CCP. Respected scientists are being censored by Facebook now because their independent voice is less valuable than an institute that is being influenced by (crooked) politicians. Facebook should be an open platform for everyone for the benefit of society!

    Maarten van der PoelMaarten van der Poel2 maanden geleden
  • As far as I know, Parler has not censored left wing content in the way Twitter has done to the right. If that's true, then it can't be said Parler is specifically a "right wing" social media platform, but rather simply a platform where you can post what you want.

    PeremalfaitPeremalfait2 maanden geleden
  • Will be new breed of conservatives

    Ismael FreytesIsmael Freytes2 maanden geleden
  • I vote right leaning, and that lady made some very generous statements to me and my kind. For that I’m grateful. And no I won’t listen to trolls telling me how stupid I am, I’ve got no time for that.

    Texan GentlemenTexan Gentlemen2 maanden geleden
  • Sounds like RELIGION. That's we have so many religious factions in this country. Every time the main religion expressed an idea that someone didn't agree with, they left and started their own faction. It doesn't matter what words we use to express the concept, human beings always seem to react the same way. If you don't agree with me completely, I'll just go and start my own. The viewpoint in and of itself doesn't seem to matter. Human beings simply can't compromise.

    Katheryne MeroKatheryne Mero2 maanden geleden
  • Funny how nobody talks about Twitter censoring Palestinians refugees pleading for peace or antiwar Americans or citizens of countries the US is trying to orchestrate regime change against or really anybody going against the Democrat/Neoliberal/Media narrative. Or are Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi "right wing" to you fools.

    Eric JonesEric Jones2 maanden geleden
  • Most people would quit Twitter if they forced checkmarks on everyone.

    Eric JonesEric Jones2 maanden geleden
  • lol.."a little less partisan"?? how about not being partisan at all?

    rivernorthhomesrivernorthhomes2 maanden geleden
  • Must censor what you disagree with right? Now we leave and you slam us for leaving. Eventually, conflict is inevitable and we will be blamed for that too.

    Dudley BurlesonDudley Burleson2 maanden geleden
  • I might know McConnell and Pelosi if they bought weed from me.If they dont.I dont give 2 fcks about either.You want to be lied to?Just vote,go to church,public school and join the military.The American dream?Dumbass.

    josh richjosh rich2 maanden geleden
  • You did this to yourselves. We are leaving not only big corporate fake news, even Fox is fake news, but also big tech media. Bye, bye, Twitter, bye, bye, Facebook. Bye, bye, NLworld and Google related products. We are leaving little by little. Do you think that you are too big to fall? Big tech companies have fallen in the past for commiting errors of this caliber.

    Julián YoJulián Yo2 maanden geleden
  • 1. Trump won. 2. Twitter is Left and censors and is controlled by establishment intelligence community. 3. Parler will be watched by NSA anyway, as it is on the internet. 4. Not seeing that 90% of media is Left wing is Left wing bubble privilege. 5. Mentioning some city ending in “grad” is evidence you were too brainwashed by the Russian collusion conspiracy of the Left for the last three years which has been thoroughly debunked. 6. You should all go on Parler. Not to post or to challenge. Just to learn what’s actually happening.

    James SkeneJames Skene2 maanden geleden
  • We have to at least pretend, slightly, that every major news media outlet is leftist. That is the problem right there. That is why someone like me who was left his entire life can't vote for the left anymore. It has become propaganda not news

    Christo du PlessisChristo du Plessis2 maanden geleden
  • All cable news channels need to be like PBS Newshour and they need to be heavily regulated somehow by an independent monitor.

    ActivistArtsActivistArts2 maanden geleden
  • Simply concealing bias is not a solution. Transparency about bias is part of the answer and the other part is hiring people who represent something other than CA and NY suburban liberals.

    that rightthat right3 maanden geleden
  • The "mainstream" media would be less partisan without a problem, if the right wasn't so bat shit crazy. They turned on a dime away from Fox. They don't want to know anything True unless its what they want to hear. Any sensible person would be celebrating a Trump loss. Not because he is a Republican, but because he is a huge piece of shit.

    Damon WarlickDamon Warlick3 maanden geleden
  • A safe space for deplorable snowflakes

    210SA Morales210SA Morales3 maanden geleden
  • I rather see people crying over elections results instead smiling though it. Because that way you can see their true colors.

    Garrett MillerGarrett Miller3 maanden geleden
  • Eh. Is it really bias if it's against authoritarianism? What is unbiased in a democratic country where the leader aims to dismantle democratic institutions? Lol, were news people who called out Hitler before the war biased because they didn't entertain Hitler and his followers' claims and disinformation enough?

    TheMangomelon789TheMangomelon7893 maanden geleden
  • What's wrong with the crying..... Mtcheew

    Toritseju IshieToritseju Ishie3 maanden geleden
  • Yep, there has always been this thing in America where there is a respect and attraction for Snake-Oil salesmen; Carnival barkers; and Parlour Tricks. Sad.

    Mark LapworthMark Lapworth3 maanden geleden

    theTelemarkDaydreamtheTelemarkDaydream3 maanden geleden
  • To join, Parler makes people submit their Social security number. And then they got hacked.

    Gunman610Gunman6103 maanden geleden
  • I love the insanity of this. I know I'm getting information from accurate sources like Doug Mastriano Senator in Pennsylvania because he has been vetted. Get your facts straight! Oh and my favorite is when this half wit says "We need need to pretend, even slightly that the MSM isn't completely leftist". Hysterical!

    Eric BalikoEric Baliko3 maanden geleden
  • Parler started a conversation while also kicking Twitter in the ass a little

    Riley PrestonRiley Preston3 maanden geleden
  • All your one sidedness has made many of us not wanting to watch certain news and TV shows. Caitlin Flanagan is right and thank you for that. And when did news staff turned into politicians and judges? Why would a news reporter at Fox say that "she has not shown me any evidence"... The last time I checked you were still a reporter and not a judge. Many of us want to hear the real news with no personal ideas or judgment added. It would be amazing, if you reported only 30 minutes of pure news a day.

    F FarhangF Farhang3 maanden geleden
  • Twitter muzzled a hard-hitting journalistic story by the New York Post on Hunter Biden's laptop, his dealings in foreign countries, and Joe Biden's influence peddling. Why is anyone surprised about the ascent of Parler when Twitter is arbitrarily suppressing information for partisan reasons? They let lies about Trump colluding with Russia to circulate around Twitter even though Christopher Steele's dossier was utter bullshit, but a story about Joe Biden's corruption based on clear-cut, written evidence is worthy of censorship. Twitter is run by totalitarian-minded, leftist dipshits.

    GregaGrega3 maanden geleden
  • Why do liberals give a crap about a conservative social media site? Not interested? Quit talking about it and get on with your lives. I swear, it's like there's something new for YOU PEOPLE to bitch about

    Potato HeadPotato Head3 maanden geleden
  • One max brooks' idea is completely retarded. That will just lead to more people getting fired and ostracized from society. The dumb alantic person once again is blaming it on conservatives for why there is this divide. The news, Social media, DNC, etc. all created this divide with cancel culture, wokeness, BLM/Antifa riots.

    dump lumpdump lump3 maanden geleden
  • Hello mr bill mahr ,i indeed love and respect most of your opinions about the current situation in your country regarding political and social arena.As a matter of fact i had all those opinion and point of view that you have even years befor mr trump about both parties in united states. I wish i would be one day in your pannel because i am originally coming from a land that could suprise you. But i live in your norhern neighbourhood country now. I might not be a celebrity but i am a very opinionated human being and i truly injoy some of your guests and your many conclusions you come to at the end of each episod .i am also very very fund of your beautiful country and warm beautiful people i met there. I always belive united states should have a third party that alows people to breath politicaly and socialy . I also believe people always evolve much better when they have more obtions and exposed to a bigger broader world of opinions and idias.with lots of great aspiration for america and for you and beliving the world needs more independent thinkers lik you.best wishes goodby

    Fa BoFa Bo3 maanden geleden