The Patriot Party | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

22 jan. 2021
905 744 Weergaven

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Kmele Foster and Peter Hamby join Bill Maher to discuss Donald Trump's political future.
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  • these elites have no clue, and because they have no clue, their analysis about Trump's political capital is wholly wrong. FYI: I'm a socialist.

    tonyfubutonyfubu3 dagen geleden
  • hows biden working out...lmao

    Chris ScottChris Scott4 dagen geleden
  • Fascist is fascist, period. Call a spade a spade. Couldn't be more obvious. Personally, I'm not gonna tip-toe around it. T and his idiot worshipers are fascist.

    Kate UhlerKate Uhler4 dagen geleden
  • I would vote trump again in 2024

    Travis SharonTravis Sharon6 dagen geleden
  • Its hilarious people think Jan 6 was an attempted coup, in reality it was primarily a bunch of cooky conspiracy theorists taking selfies in their little Buffalo horn hats. And the only reason they gained entry to the capitol is because the left have repeatedly attacked the police who are the ones tasked with defending said capitol. Blame yourselves and stop blowing some silly rally out of proportion. Profesional victims.

    Tony PTony P8 dagen geleden
  • Thanks for destroying election transparency lefties. You are the ones destroying democracy.

    Tony PTony P8 dagen geleden
  • Bill Maher is such a knob

    Mike MahoneyMike Mahoney12 dagen geleden
  • Ofc patriot party sounds “fascist” what a leftist

    Kevin CKevin C12 dagen geleden
  • I dont understand why Patriot would make it sound like Nazis

    JubaJuba16 dagen geleden
  • Trump didn't coin or start the Patriot Party. That name and the actual group was supported by his supporters fed up with the BS GOP

    RonnieRonnie16 dagen geleden
  • god forbid someone claims to be a patriot

    Martin MacgregorMartin Macgregor18 dagen geleden
  • Using Nazi is lazy. Do better

    KILLA STEELA 39KILLA STEELA 3919 dagen geleden
  • Hey Bill. Fascist is how big tech and the left has been pushing cancel culture, sensoring.

    KILLA STEELA 39KILLA STEELA 3919 dagen geleden
  • Fascism is one thing and one thing alone, the marriage of corporations and government But not like china where the government is daddy, in the u.s the government is just the instrument of special interests and big money. Trump will be 81 years old in 2024 and the only reason the media can't stop talking about him is cause of ratings and their love affair with hating trump.

    Joseph PerezJoseph Perez20 dagen geleden
  • "History repeats itself first as tragedy second as farce" Hitler tried a coup in 1923 with a bunch of crazy losers. He failed of course and was sent to jail... where he wrote his infamous book (actually, someone else wrote for him, he just dictated it), which pretty much stated "make Germany great again". 10 years later, his "bunch of crazy losers" became the most voted party in German parliament... and Hitler, that once ridiculous joke that the legal institutions and the political establishment failed to properly address, became Chancellor of the most illustrated country in the most illustrated continent of the World... We should learn the lessons History teaches us.

    Cassiano CosmelliCassiano Cosmelli22 dagen geleden
  • Trump would be the name only. Guys like me (meaning hard-working and ambitious) would do what they could to capitalize on it.

    Yo YoYo Yo25 dagen geleden
  • Because I hate liberals. I am in the process of creating my very own newspaper similar to the EPOCH TIMES. The newspaper will be called the BAYESIAN TIMES .. It is a newspaper to prove that conservative ideals are the true form of life and living and can indeed be mathematically proven to be valid which shall be based on BAYES THEOREM. The newspaper the BAYESIAN TIMES will explore extremely nerve-wreaking issues such as QANON, the election fraud, government waste, child pornography, RAPE, FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE, sex trading, prostitution, drug trade, the war on drugs, etc. The BAYESIAN TIMES will make the EPOCH TIMES look like the liberal New Yorker by comparison.. It will become the ultimate in extreme-conservative views.....

    David BluDavid Blu25 dagen geleden
  • The Patriot Party? Yep it sounds kinda nazi-ish. Though your guest had a point-so does The Trump Organization! Listening to the guests poo-pooing Trump; yeah Bill it does sound like the same assessments 5 years ago!

    Associates & GIvensAssociates & GIvens25 dagen geleden
  • Worst show ever. Done with you Maher, you are not funny, are weak and the quick wit is gone. Unwatchable

    Beamers BeamerBeamers Beamer25 dagen geleden
  • Hatriotism

    Jokester30Jokester3026 dagen geleden
  • If you guys think that Trump will only take votes from Republicans you are fools. He will also be taking lots of democrat votes. He got 75 million votes last time and I guarantee none of those 75 million care what party he works for.

    dwayne dwaynedwayne dwayne26 dagen geleden
  • By BLM and Antifa and liberal MSM, Jan 6 was, indeed, a VERY peaceful protest! If you 👍 all last years “peaceful “ protests, then what up?! You should be quiet, because you’re a hypocrite and liar and have zero integrity and even less morals to lecture others about unacceptable “violence”. Or, in other words, STFU!

    mcoo465mcoo46526 dagen geleden
  • What a lost of opportunity! It should have been called The Deplorable Party!

    mdortmundtmdortmundt27 dagen geleden
  • Delusional nonsense. Get a life and that means no more TRUMP TALK. ITS STUPID NEVER ACCURATE AND BORING

    Pamela SuePamela Sue28 dagen geleden
  • Still with Trump Trump Trump???? Dude it’s still not funny.

    Pamela SuePamela Sue28 dagen geleden
  • Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Now paying the price for not teaching about Fascism.

    Red LawRed Law28 dagen geleden
  • I’m worried about “might is right” and people “with no clue what’s in the Constitution.” That’s why I didn’t vote for Biden and his cronies either.

    The Culture & Anarchy PodcastThe Culture & Anarchy Podcast28 dagen geleden
  • trump conned the Rep.s' as much as the GOP conned trump and now the GOP got the shty end of the stick because even they under estimated how bad the right wing attitude was/is in America, and they lost the election because people hated trump so much more than they thought possible

    Jacko AlltradesJacko Alltrades29 dagen geleden
  • Americans you are heading for a dangerous path, there is no conversation anymore both sides think they have the only truth while you are blind of hatred those in power will do things you will be sorry of in 4 years.

    Father RamaFather Rama29 dagen geleden
  • Whatever party associates with the dribble being spewed here cannot mention the constitution in good conscience. If you can look in the mirror and feel good about the state of the first amendment in this so called republic I feel quite sorry for you.

    ken klibbeken klibbeMaand geleden
  • When Fascism came to America, it came molesting the flagon TV and carrying a bible...upside down.

    M CM CMaand geleden
  • Using the term Fascism is inaccurate and it is highly charged and it will likely be ineffective. By using it, some may believe that that is a way to get others to take the threat of Trumpism seriously and to view it as “bad”. Trumpism certainly has tinctures/hints of Fascism but using it waters down the actual historic meaning of Fascism and will further reinforce the belief of some (which the Right has somewhat effectively promoted) that Democrats “cry wolf”-exaggerating the threat of something or how bad a problem actually is. It also then justifies the Right referring (inaccurately, of course) to Democrats as socialists (or even more wildly inaccurate) as communists for pejorative effect. Bernie hound never have called himself a “socialist” or democratic socialist. That term has been shown thru polling to be politically toxic. And he and AOC can spend considerable time trying to change Americans already-confused understanding of the definition of socialism, it will not win a majority of Americans. Better to stick to promoting POLICIES WITHOUT LABELS THAT IMMEDIATELY ALIENATE.

    Gretchen WagensellerGretchen WagensellerMaand geleden
  • When you stand for nothing you fall for anything!

    faces1mfaces1mMaand geleden
  • Anyone who doesn’t know Trump is a fascist is willfully ignoring Fascism.

    Taryn RosewaterTaryn RosewaterMaand geleden
  • Everything trump had touched he has destroyed. He couldn't even make money on a casino 😂. He's good at the grift. He lives on borrowed money

    Paul BoegelPaul BoegelMaand geleden
  • How about the "Adhere to the Constitution" Party. Patriot Party 2022. Trump for US Senate 2022.

    Josh TibbettsJosh TibbettsMaand geleden
  • Why start a new party when he owns the Republican party?

    rmiddlehousermiddlehouseMaand geleden
  • there was another name for that..It was called Kkk

    Service Dog Lili BowsService Dog Lili BowsMaand geleden
    • Exactly

      2021invitation me2021invitation me16 dagen geleden
  • You cant win the power back thru election and argumentes. The socialists are to well trained in retorical big lies. You need brute force to deal with them.

    Hans DonnerborgHans DonnerborgMaand geleden
  • Bill the one that asked China to crash economy. . Fatshist calling patriots fatshist. Lol. Jesus said deceived.. Lesfeldick ministries explains. Comunist. Talking about crashing partys. N really backed by Wall Street 1percent. They protect Microsoft that is buying all the farms up during COVID. The perfect virus

    Lod WillLod WillMaand geleden
  • Praise ye NWO bill mahr

    Lod WillLod WillMaand geleden
  • 🐇💩

    alex hutchingsalex hutchingsMaand geleden
  • It's phenomenal that Kmele is getting this kind of exposure. He brilliant.

    SnorgonOfBorkkadSnorgonOfBorkkadMaand geleden
    • 🤮🤮

      RiteMo LawBksRiteMo LawBksDag geleden
  • Man, I'm so tired of hearing "fascism" for every and anything. Fascism has nothing to do with being undemocratic or staging a coup. Commies do it all the time! Coup happens since the dawn of time and it wasn't fascist?! Mussolini was a Fascist, he literally created this political way. Now, I'm all against Fascism, but it has nothing to do even remotely to what Bill said.

    John TremblayJohn TremblayMaand geleden

    Bryan GonzalesBryan GonzalesMaand geleden
  • HATE THE DEMOCrats, CANT STAND THE REBULIcons, WE NEED TO STAND FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN fear and warmongering Political CROOKS - PATRIOT PARTY ready to make America great AGAIN!!!

    Auto-Tech-Tronics - Div: TelamaxAuto-Tech-Tronics - Div: TelamaxMaand geleden
  • Mr. Hamby made an excellent point. We should probably encourage the Patriot Party, much the way cynical, sociopathic creeps contributed to the Green Party: they knew it would siphon votes from the Democratic party. Patriot Party will claim huge swaths of working class Republicans, and further degrade their ranks.

    Dream LogicDream LogicMaand geleden
  • Fascism is silencing those who you disagree with. That’s the one definition. That’s it. There’s not different types.

    jacob lopezjacob lopezMaand geleden
    • @jacob lopez Well, we agree then. But anyway, in any case, not needed to be related to this, you cannot and will not convince any thoughtful individual by saying "there's only one definition" and then spewing a dictionary entry. Specially for complex concept. Don't get me wrong, it's a good starting point. But even if we stick to dictionary argument, there are multiple, with slightly different definitions in each one. FFS, the left can't even understand the definition of a man and a woman haha!

      John TremblayJohn TremblayMaand geleden
    • @John Tremblay dude your thinking is WAAAAY warped. God damn.

      H DH DMaand geleden
    • @John Tremblay “Fascism (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.” The fact that this is the definition that GOOGLE, aka Big Tech, came up with shows that they are fascists as well, implying ONLY “far right” people can be fascists. What about far left? They can’t be fascists? The level of ignorance in America is scary, because soon, all of us good people are going to be silenced and removed

      jacob lopezjacob lopezMaand geleden
    • @John Tremblay fascism “a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition” - Merriam Webster dictionary Authoritarian “of, relating to, or favoring blind submission to authority; of, relating to, or favoring a concentration of power in a leader or an elite not constitutionally responsible to the people” - Merriam Webster dictionary And yes, Democrats are the fascists here. Censoring conservatives online because they believe there was fraud? The media trying to force Fox News off of tv (the biggest conservative news outlet)? Trying to take away the second amendment? Trying to remove people from the military because of their beliefs? Talking about “RE-EDUCATION CAMPS?” And “reprogramming” anyone’s beliefs who may be seen as “radical” just because they voted for Trump, and the democrats like to say anyone who voted for Trump is a racist like him. But sure, conservatives, WE’RE the fascists, right? Because we “don’t even know what’s in the constitution,” so we don’t even know we’re fascists, right? Conservatives are the strongest believers IN the constitution and everything it stands for. Democrats are trying to change the constitution starting with our freedom of speech and the right to own and bare arms. Open your eyes and see who the real fascists are.

      jacob lopezjacob lopezMaand geleden
    • Nope, not at all. That would be authoritarianism, a characteristic that can be achieve by any political and economical ideologies. Anyway, by that definition, literally the Democrats would be the Fascist here.

      John TremblayJohn TremblayMaand geleden
  • The BEST thing that could EVER Happen to the "left" would be the Patriot Party! It would COMPLETELY fracture the " right". It would split the vote and the "right" would NEVER win again....ever. So......GO PATRIOT PARTY!!!

    Travis KeelerTravis KeelerMaand geleden
    • Ever is a pretty retarded statement when talking about any subject.

      John TremblayJohn TremblayMaand geleden
  • This show sucks

    Stephan KyleStephan KyleMaand geleden
  • Cut off right before Kmele made his point

    Rafael VillaverdeRafael VillaverdeMaand geleden
  • I can't believe that i used to watch this shit. Its basically a mini echo chamber where they all agree that they are right and now they are just trying to figure out how and why they are whilst an audience cheers them on. There's a reason why 4-5 hour long form political podcasts with meaningful political discourse inviting on experts has taken off in such a huge way, some people don't want an endless stream of absurdly partisan hackery.

    stuboy261stuboy261Maand geleden
  • its just another arm of the trump con...look at the money ....follow the millions and millions......and millions.....washed clean as snow..

    J HallJ HallMaand geleden
  • I am so bothered by Kmele Foster regarding Covid and race. It is a scientific fact that hispanic people have higher rates of diabetes type II and high blood pressure. These health risks are in our genes. I have multiple family members that are healthy eaters and are in shape and because of our background they have diabetes and or high blood pressure and some at a very young age. There are many, many diseases that are more likely for one to have based on you race. I would just suggest for people to ask a scientist about the real facts. Ugh

    JmtsotoJmtsotoMaand geleden
  • The biggest fascist are the democrats by what they've done in the last few weeks so far, but Biden voters don't see this because they are so brainwashed by the leftist mainstream media, and they never do their own research. Their just straight believe what a few idiot anchors, with full of hate tell them. Of course Bill doesn't know what the definition of fascism is because he is not capable of searching for it for a few minutes

    Aladár MezőAladár MezőMaand geleden
  • Ye Donald did it all.He built the Wall. No new wars. Lowest unemployment and best economy in decades.

    EdwardEdwardMaand geleden
  • Billy behavs likea hurt little bich

    EdwardEdwardMaand geleden
  • He got 75 million votes

    Rock WilsonRock WilsonMaand geleden
  • Remember one thing.... When Hitler got into power...he executed all the Brownshirts who got his dirty work done. Because they represented a threat to him if the truth came out that he was half Hebrew. In other words,a faker....hint ,hint...

    Joseph RaymondJoseph RaymondMaand geleden
  • ​I knew when I heard the black guy’s fake white accent he was going to be an Oreo. I believe his statements to be reasonable until he IMPLIED that whites and blacks are treated equally by law enforcement.

    RetrorocketRetrorocketMaand geleden
  • Over 70 million people voted for Trump. Our votes were taken from us - We will not let our country become communism!!!!!

    Barbara GentryBarbara GentryMaand geleden
  • Bill. You’re great - but as an educator of some amazing students for the past 23 years I seriously question the comment about the poorly educated from the past two generations. Although I admit that social media has made it an intellectual battlefield in a school setting, we also battle online conspiracy theories that are replacing documented truths. Educators get called Marxists for teaching history as it happened instead of a rose colored facade. We are labeled as failures by the far left. No one seems satisfied and teachers are disrespected. The silver lining is watching my students learn and succeed. Many have become independent and critical thinkers . They also become citizens that we should be proud to have as our own. It is not all failure, gloom and doom.

    Leslie TurnerLeslie TurnerMaand geleden
  • Not a single conservative condoned the storming of the capital building. Stop spreading lies. Show me anyone who did condone it. Fascism is exactly what the Dems and big tech are trying to do right now. Silence speech they don’t agree with and de platform in opposing views. Contesting an election is not fascism. Idiots.

    GoToccoGoToccoMaand geleden
  • He’s going to wring every last drop out of the Republican Party. He knows who still has staying power. Patriot Party? Why be #3?

    Lee HLee HMaand geleden
  • So was the Democratic party fascist for not accepting Trump's win in 2016? I'm not defending Trump, I just disagree with your definition of fascism?

    Mark BradfordMark BradfordMaand geleden
  • What a arrogant ass, Biden signs over 40 executive orders in one week, He once said a few months ago that kind of governing is a dictatorship

    OooooooOooooooMaand geleden
  • I vote Tiger King as the first official member of the patriot party!!!

    Cam BrtCam BrtMaand geleden
  • The Republican party has lost respect these members and all these House of Representatives should all lose their jobs they continue to support Donald Trump at all costs and is sad that in this country these people aren't that stupid if they can't realize the Donald Trump is not fit to be in any public office because they want his supporters they lick his ass

    Robert JoloyRobert JoloyMaand geleden
  • this would have been a much more interesting conversation ON the Fifth Column Podcast.... MANY of the left-leaning organizations that are pushed by mainstream culture would certainly be included in the base fascist definition that Bill gives ("might equals right"), along with the populism found prominently on "the right"...

    Ideas MatterIdeas MatterMaand geleden
  • Donald Trump and Russia, Joe Biden and China, who knows what to believe anymore.....have we jumped from the pan into the fire? Did we get the least of the two evils or a whole lot bigger mess?

    Marcia PeroneMarcia PeroneMaand geleden
  • Right Bill. The Patriot party idea is exactly the kind of stunt he has the mindset to pull off. He gets to forever idolized by his followers with a never-ending cash flow from some of the sketchiest donors bribing him for his brand. He doesn't have to sit there and run the office he just goes to Jarrod...

    Chad LoshChad LoshMaand geleden

    Counterfit MimicCounterfit MimicMaand geleden
  • Wish George Carlin and Robin Williams were alive. I miss their unique opinions and humor. I miss their way of thinking.

    S.P SandbergS.P SandbergMaand geleden
  • Trump would never found a party not named the "Trump-Party".

    Cla SpeCla SpeMaand geleden
  • I watched this whole episode. Kmele was spot on in the entire episode, about everything, and it needs to be applauded and said more. Sharp guy who just really gets it.

    ctguitardude85ctguitardude85Maand geleden
    • @Delo Lat He comes off as the black guy that loves to get the pat on the back from his white conservative friends. I know that sounds wrong, but hey, just calling it like I see it.

      DeroraDeroraMaand geleden
    • He speaks well at speaking half truths. For instance his comment on black and brown focus on healthcare was a huge gaffe. He stated the focus should be 80% of the cases being the elderly. The elderly is not a race, so therefore when black and brown people almost make 50% of covid cases, it includes their elderly. Not to mention black and brown people are no where near 50% of America. His point also on BLM was dumb founding. They want police accountability so that neighborhoods can call the police for issues without having to worry about the police. Police mostly arrest people so why would the focus be on police homicide. Most everything he said to an informed person was very much half true.

      Delo LatDelo LatMaand geleden
  • Kmele Foster is a fascinating independent who needs to be fact-checked. Dasit

    DJ Que EssenceDJ Que EssenceMaand geleden
    • I have been a Kmele fan for a while, but I also completely agree.

      TheColdrush22TheColdrush22Maand geleden
  • Blacks for Trump's Patriot Party, from Miami Florida...💪🏾🇺🇸☝🏻🥇🏆🧱🧱🧱🇨🇳👽

    KeepskatinKeepskatinMaand geleden
  • Hypothetically discussing the creation of a political party albeit there is no charter, no funding, no office, no party formation at the state level, etc. Yet another example of a clueless Bill Maher funneling BS hypotheticals into mainstream media for the large amount of sheep we have in America to believe it. This isn't a thing folks, it's not an actual political party. There are real issues you need to educate yourselves on besides hypotheticals. If you are left leaning, please look into the Ute Tribe and their request that the EO concerning the Keystone Pipeline and additional EO preventing future gas/oil leasing on federals lands, which include reservations, to be amended immediately as those leases/permits provide the funding required for their reservations government and community.

    Darron CampbellDarron CampbellMaand geleden
  • Read the Constitution by the people for the people under one God the Democrats are very incorrupt

    Samer SalfitiSamer SalfitiMaand geleden
  • Fuck yeah, Bill.

    Kenny FernándezKenny FernándezMaand geleden
  • While I normally agree with Bill, I think it would be more accurate to describe this “election was stolen” story as one of anarchism, especially given that the old timers and mainstreamers like McConnell, Cheney, and Romney and whatnot won’t go near it with a 10 foot pole. Instead of saying that the whole of the right is fascist, which is just a lazy description, it’s much more accurate, based on the specific nature of those involved and the specific nature of their actions, to describe what’s going on. It’s maligned and anarchist patriotism gone completely awry. With regards to the relationship between political ideologies and state institutions, fascism seeks to control and dominate state institutions to further dig in their authoritarian control. They use the institutions to exert power. However, within anarchism they abhor the state and its institutions so they seek to outright destroy it. I would argue the capitol attack was an act of pseudo-patriotic anarchism. Hang Mike Pence? That’s anarchism. It’s an anarchic election death cult- besides trump I don’t think any politician is good enough for them.

    Andrew SchuschuAndrew SchuschuMaand geleden
  • Nothing to talk about with Biden?

    Jarrett PierceJarrett PierceMaand geleden
  • He will be convicted and when that happens, clip his wings...all Americans need be reminded that no one is really supposed to act above the Law.

    Beluchi IzunduBeluchi IzunduMaand geleden
    • No he wont

      Rock WilsonRock WilsonMaand geleden
  • I don't think Trump has any real intentions of establishing his own party as much as this is yet another bluff to force the RNC to elect him or one of his minions as their next candidate for 2024. Trump is a one-trick-pony. When he finds a scam that works, he'll keep doing it until it no longer works, and bluffing the GOP into electing him to represent their party worked very well the last time.

    Fred AFred AMaand geleden
  • 💯

    Ana LozadaAna LozadaMaand geleden
  • A third party which splinters the GOP...and that's bad because?

    AltPotusAltPotusMaand geleden

    gregory fishergregory fisherMaand geleden
  • Why does this host laugh and nod at his guest giving misinformation? Does he just agree with the misinformation because the guest is a black person sharing the misinformation?

    Betty SmithBetty SmithMaand geleden
  • Race matters as much as class. Sometimes more.

    Betty SmithBetty SmithMaand geleden
  • Mocking people with your arrogance and then censorship... then you Bill are germinating fascism... your arrogance blinds you

    Marc KrockMarc KrockMaand geleden
  • The more you promote this arrogant narrative the more people will seek the patriot party... your arrogance, Bill, is creating the patriot party..

    Marc KrockMarc KrockMaand geleden
  • Bill Maher ain't got anything if he can't sell hate. What a loser

    spungmikespungmikeMaand geleden
  • Well, I’ve watched and enjoyed Maher going way back to the early days of Politically Incorrect but I think I’m finally done with him. I’m not sure if he was on different chemicals during this show, but it was a real disaster - except the last bit had its funny moments. The interview with the FBI guy was fucking surreal ... the Foster guy is from another planet with some kind of weird shit “reasoning” ... Hamby had some valid comments, then cowered when he was challenged ... and Maher’s constant bullshit about, well, a number of things in this episode (really? you’re going back to your wAcKy idea about healthy people not getting COVID???) really pissed me off most of the show (thankfully, he didn’t open his mouth showing his ignorance about the Palestinian/Israeli conflict). His game isn’t worth the candle anymore.

    Rod StasickRod StasickMaand geleden
  • The Patriot Party must be a masquerade party because the Republicans are definitely masquerading as patriots.

    Timothy GibbsTimothy GibbsMaand geleden
  • BILL YOU NEED TO B PREZZZ!!! Your the best💖🇨🇦🤗🇺🇸😷😎🌹💋💕

    Christine DundasChristine DundasMaand geleden
  • Why are you all allowed to say whatever you want but silence everyone else. People like you make me sick to my stomach

    Jill UrbanJill UrbanMaand geleden
  • What? isn't he suppose to be impeached than form a party.

    Ajmolali82Ajmolali82Maand geleden
  • The Patriot Movement AKA (Anti -Government} was pushed by Alex jones and some other big websites for years, Trump got elected from it. It is where all his memes came from. Its basically koch brothers libertarian rich winner take all theivery plus racism for the poor racists.

    primal mythicprimal mythicMaand geleden
  • This guy was talking like his life depended on it - he talked way too much - felt bad for the other guy . And it looked like he has 20 jawbreakers on his mouth - annoying

    Tracy727Tracy727Maand geleden
  • I live in a state where Antifa attacked our court house, and other federal buildings night after night, for 3 months. Is that fascist?

    Nicole LawrenceNicole LawrenceMaand geleden
    • I am going to just go ahead and finally look up Antifa. I still dont know what the hell these people are upset about. LOL.

      DeroraDeroraMaand geleden